Is Sage 100 ERP Right For My Business?

Sage 100 ERP (also known as MAS 90) is an accounting software solution that helps small to medium-sized businesses “efficiently manage the manufacturing process.”

We get a lot of questions about whether or not our SYNC app is capable of connecting Sage 100 data with Salesforce. The answer? Yes. If you want to integrate Sage 100 ERP data with your Salesforce CRM we can help.

But how do you know if Sage 100 ERP is the right accounting software solution for your business?

Sage 100 ERP Is For SMBs

Are you an SMB? Then you can benefit from using Sage 100 and integrating it with Salesforce.

Smaller companies are often challenged with responding quickly to customer needs in order to keep their competitive advantage. Sage 100 is designed to help you maintain that competitive edge while protecting and extending your software investment.

Sage 100 ERP is substantial accounting software that empowers SMBs to forecast, organize, and ship items with precision, making it ideal for those in the manufacturing and distribution industry.  

SMBs need to understand their customers and products trends so they can make the best recommendation for the customer and provide top-notch customer service and deliver products on time.

Sage 100 can help you achieve that understanding through the Sales and Order Management feature which enables your employees to work collaboratively and provide your customers with real-time details on the spot.

Benefits of Using Sage 100 ERP

In addition to the ability to provide customers with real-time details, Sage 100 also gives small and medium sized businesses deep visibility and management into inventory, incoming orders, process returns, and helps you provide customer specific pricing.

Sage 100 users also benefit from the ability to:

  • See cost overruns and what’s best for profits
  • Verify quote accuracy before production starts
  • Optimize cash flow by reducing excess inventory levels

And more! For a more in-depth look at the many benefits of using Sage 100, check out this Sage brochure.

Benefits of Connecting Sage 100 And Salesforce

What about the benefits of connecting Sage 100 ERP and Salesforce? We’re glad you asked!

You can expand on everything Sage 100 has to offer by connecting your ERP software with Salesforce. However, a lot of people still think this has to be some long, complicated, messy process and it doesn’t.

Sure, if you’re using an ETL tool or something of that nature, it’s going to be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s an easier solution to meet your integration needs: the Commercient SYNC app.

We provide an easy to use application for SMBs that want to integrate their Sage 100 system with their Salesforce CRM system known as Commercient SYNC. Commercient SYNC makes sharing information and providing visibility into both backend and frontend systems easy.

Rapid deployment of Commercient SYNC makes your Sage 100 data available on Salesforce almost immediately. Records can be linked together so that you can navigate between related data, such as accounts, sales orders, and invoices.

By identifying the core data sets required by most ERP and CRM integrations, Commercient has created a ready to use out-of-the-box solution. You can complete the setup in under seven hours and the SYNC app is completely customizable to your ERP software and your business.

For more information about integrating Sage 100 ERP and Salesforce, you can visit the SYNC for Sage 100 ERP and Salesforce integrations page or contact a sales rep.