HubSpot CRM and Commercient Modernize Hydra Rinse’s Sales and Marketing Processes

HubSpot CRM and QuickBooks integration - Hydra Rinse Success Story

There is nothing more perfect than ice cream, especially on a warm summer day. Nothing can transport us back to childhood like a soft serve ice cream machine can. But they do require upkeep. Hydra Rinse helps with that by providing the technology that cleans soft serve machines in a simple, fast, and repeatable process. HubSpot CRM and QuickBooks integration solution by Commercient is committed to helping their business flourish by modernizing their sales, service, and marketing processes.     

Hydra Rinse was founded in 2012 in Victor, New York and they are a leading provider of automated technology that cleans soft serve machines. Their automated process is Patented, NSF Listed, and EPA Registered. Hydra Rinse reduces the labor costs and problems that can arise from manual cleaning and its accuracy means there’s no spot left unclean. To top it all off, it’s environmentally conscious as it reduces the water usage needed to clean the soft serve machines. 

So as a product, it’s absolutely essential if you have a Fro-Yo store or Ice Cream Parlor. But these kinds of things have to keep up with the times, so the company had to modernize. To do that implemented HubSpot CRM to update their overall sales processes.

HubSpot CRM opened new doors for the business, however, one particular door was still closed. How can the sales and marketing teams access their QuickBooks Desktop data in HubSpot CRM? The company worked with Commercient to implement SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, to connect that data.

Commercient Comes In

“Commercient is one of the only companies that can SYNC the Desktop version of QuickBooks,” said Hannah Jonasse, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hydra Rinse. “Other companies would say, ‘Oh, yeah, we can do that.’ And then as soon as they found that it wasn’t in the cloud, they told us they can’t do it. Commercient is great.”

Thanks to Commercient they could access important information right from HubSpot CRM. Anything from ship/bill name, addresses, ship method, and even contact numbers. But most importantly the company could now easily track orders and invoices from multiple companies, franchisees, and locations. 

“The invoice information is super helpful because I’m able to keep track of serial numbers and model numbers,” explained Jonasse. “When a customer calls, I’m able to quickly see what parts they need and when they got their machines, which helps us keep track of their warranties.”

Jonasse assists the outside sales team by accessing updated ERP data within CRM, explaining, “I can quickly dive through the information, and give them what they need, and so that they can keep moving things forward with customers while they’re on the road.”

And there you have it — that’s what makes HubSpot CRM and Commercient the sprinkles on top of the delicious ice cream that is Hydra Rinse.