How To Spring Clean Your Office

Spring has officially sprung! In case you missed it, Sunday (March 20, 2016) marked the official end of winter and that means it’s time for a little spring cleaning. It’s time to toss out the empty boxes of hot cocoa, de-clutter your desktop, and make room for a bright and productive season.

Learn how to successfully spring clean your office with the simple tips below!

Clean Up Your Inbox

Are you in the habit of saving every single email somebody sends you? Or maybe you never clean up your Hangouts sessions? You could be a message hoarder and not even know it!

Now’s the perfect time clean out your inbox by organizing emails into folders, archiving older content, and just flat out deleting some stuff. This little spring cleaning office chore will make your inbox a lot easier to navigate after you’re done and save you some time in the long run.

Organize Your Desk

Now that your inbox is nice and neat it’s time to turn our attention to what’s on and in your desk. Do you have paperwork scattered all over the place? If you don’t have the drawer space already, try adding a small filing cabinet under your desk with color-coded folders.

Do you have pens, pencils, and highlighters rolling around everywhere? Invest in a penholder. They don’t cost that much and it’s an easy way to eliminate common desk mess. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to find what organizational tools work best for you and stick with ‘em.

Show The Break Room Fridge Some Love

If you’re really in the spring cleaning mood you can take on the task that nobody else ever wants: the dreaded fridge cleanup of 2016. Are you brave enough?

Notify everyone in the office you’ll be cleaning out the fridge (Friday is usually the best day to do this) so people can mark what they want to keep. Then slap on some rubber gloves and start tossing out those leftover holiday dishes that got shoved to the back and forgotten about for the last three months.

Spring cleaning your office doesn’t have to be a boring chore. It’s actually a great opportunity to breathe some new life into your office space after the long winter months, get out from behind your desk for a little while, and still be productive. A clean business is a happy business!