How To Impress Millennials With Your Customer Service

Millennials hate calling customer service. In fact, if you want specifics, 34% of them would rather have their teeth pulled than talk to a customer service rep. However, just because the majority of the U.S. population hates voice-based service it doesn’t mean they don’t expect awesome service.

Seventy-six percent of customers view the customer experience as the true test of a brand and most millennials say they’ve switched brands in the last year because of bad customer service.

Fortunately, there are other ways to woo millennials. And once you’ve wooed them they tend to be the most brand-loyal generation to date. Here’s how to impress millennials with your customer service.

Meet Millennials Halfway

To impress millennials with your customer service you have to meet them halfway. Find out where they’re communicating and hanging out online. Where exactly on social media is this portion of your target audience and how are they most comfortable interacting with businesses like yours?

Open Up New Forms Of Communication

Millennials may hate making phone calls but they are the still the best of the bunch when it comes to communication. Offering customer service and support options via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat will create lower barriers of communication and provide a better customer experience for everyone.

Anticipate Their Needs

Lyft, the on-demand transportation network, notifies customers of drivers’ locations through its app with an approaching car icon. When a driver comes within a few blocks of their passenger, Lyft’s software sends a text to notify the passenger that the driver is approaching.Lyft’s satisfied customers outnumber dissatisfied patrons by a ratio of 25:1. And it’s all because they were able to anticipate the needs of their customer base.

What actions are you taking to ensure that the biggest portion of the consumer market is talking to you?


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