How To Import New Companies Into HubSpot

import new companies into HubSpot

As digital marketing and sales landscapes continue to evolve, having a reliable and powerful system to manage leads, customers, and communications is imperative. Luckily, platforms like HubSpot have all of the integrations and resources businesses of all sizes need for connecting their sales, marketing, customer service, and other content in one place.

Since there is a plethora of CRM options available now, many companies have been using different platforms but would like to make the switch to HubSpot to improve operational efficiencies. In the following article, we’ll help those who are starting with HubSpot but have to import all of their company data, such as contacts, product list, and companies into their new CRM software.

Import New Companies Into HubSpot

Export Your Existing Data

To begin, take whatever database that has your existing data, such as a different CRM or your accounting system, and export the data using the necessary steps for each.

This should create an Excel or CSV spreadsheet of that information. You may also have your data on a spreadsheet so no exporting would be required, as long as it is formatted properly.

Clean Up Your Existing Data

Next, and importantly, you will need to clean up your data prior to importing into HubSpot. For example, you must remove duplicates, look at data for inconsistencies and correct them (ex. if your country data is formatted in different ways, like U.S., USA, or United States), prepare the fields in your data with HubSpots field names and required fields (make sure those required fields are on your sheet prior to importing), and be sure your data is complete.

For example, phone numbers, dates, and currencies must be formatted correctly according to HubSpot’s requirements. 

This is a high level overview of the data clean up process. Step-by-step instructions and considerations can be found at the following link.

Import Your Data

As long as your file is cleaned up and properly formatted, importing into HubSpot goes smoothly. Unfortunately, though, many errors do occur, such as formatting issues and missing headers that are required. When this goes on, it can be extremely tedious, frustrating, and time consuming. As a result, many businesses often look for other options and additional help.

For some, hiring a migration company might be considered. These companies will help you with importing your data one time only. This can get quite expensive, as many spend $2000 to $8000 for that one time import. For others, an integration company might seem like a great solution.

Integration companies help you continuously import and sync your data. As far as costs go, this can run $4500 to $12,000 in the first year, and then ongoing costs of $2000 to $4000 in the following years.

A Better Solution

For organizations that do not want to spend countless hours and a great deal of money importing data into HubSpot, Commercient SYNC is often the best solution. Our powerful integration platform is simple, quick, and much more affordable than hiring migration and integration companies.

Regardless of your industry or size, we can connect your CRM data in a timely manner, allowing your data to flow automatically, without all of the headaches of importing the data yourself.

Want a quote or a demo to see how we can help? Contact us today, our team is eager to assist!