How To Fast-Track Your CRM Implementation

A business can end up spending thousands of dollars and countless hours implementing a new CRM without the right strategy. This is why it’s important to set your project scope, goals, and implementation method, and prepare employees for the new technology prior to installation. If you’re in the process of moving to a new CRM system, here is how you can fast-track your implementation.

Choose a Cloud-Based CRM

Selecting a cloud-based CRM is probably one on the best ways you can fast-track your CRM implementation. With cloud-based CRM software like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho CRM, you can be up and running in no time. All you need is an internet connection; you’ll be able to sign-in online from your computer or mobile device, and be up-and-running in no time.

This makes it easy for all users to access the same data at any time and from anywhere. It also means you don’t have to pay for any additional hardware such as on-premise servers, or worry about data management and storage.

Additionally, there is no concern about about having a permanent IT professional for complex hardware installations, upgrades and maintenance, since all of this is done remotely by your cloud CRM provider.

Get Buy-In from Stakeholders

To fast-track your CRM implementation, it is imperative that you get ‘buy-in’ from all stakeholders, and engage your end users. In fact, this is one reason why many CRM projects fail – key stakeholders, including executive management, project managers and super-users, are not involved from the beginning.

By getting all key stakeholders involved early on, by asking them for ideas and their concerns, you’ll be able to speed up the project approval process and increase the CRM project’s success. So, take the time to get your team on board, it will be worth it in the end.

Provide Quality CRM User Training

If your team doesn’t already know how to get the most out of their CRM, they’ll need proper training. By starting the training period early, you’ll establish best practices and demonstrate how the new system will support your company’s goals. This will enable you to fast-track your CRM implementation.

Encouraging your team to participate regularly in CRM training courses will increase their awareness of features, functions and usability, and they’ll be more efficient in working with the system. Providing ongoing CRM training will help you meet your implementation goals, and have a high user adoption rate.

Integrate Your CRM with Other Applications

Another way you can fast-track your CRM implementation is by integrating your CRM system with other business management solutions, such as your ERP, marketing system, payroll, and more.

At Commercient, our integrations are easy to implement, and don’t require mapping or coding, and we will have your customized integration ready quickly. Additionally, the number of ERP’s, CRM’s, and apps we integrate with our cloud-based apps, Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse, is always growing.

To find out more of how you can integrate your CRM today, check out our SYNC and IoT Pulse pages, or contact us today for a free demo.