How To Enable Your Sales Team – Part 3

Unbelievable. We’re already on post 3 of 4 in our How To Enable Your Sales Team series! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. In case you missed it, our sales enablement series kicked off a couple of weeks ago with How To Enable Your Sales Team – Part 1.

Last week, in How To Enable Your Sales Team – Part 2 we talked about the importance of understanding what KPIs are, which ones your sales team should be measuring, and why. This week we’re going to dive into the importance of establishing a winning a culture in your sales team.

Establishing A Winning Culture

Culture can make or break a company and therefore it can make or break your sales team. Culture is super important because it sets the tone for everything from how the team interacts with each other to how your customers are treated.

We all have the capacity to establish a winning culture and it all starts from the top down. Sales leaders must be willing to share their tactics and help create a friendly, competitive environment.

To ensure that everyone in your businessespecially your sales teamis continuously learning and striving to exceed in both individual and group expectations, we recommend putting the five tips below to good use.

Five Tips For A Winning Sales Team

You can enable your sales team and establish a winning culture in your business if you give the following a try:

    1. Establish a culture that aligns with your core values. This is your business and your sales team. It’s up to you to infuse who you are and what you believe in into what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. Hire team members who believe in your company values as much as you do.
    2. Hire people who compliment you. You want people who believe in your company values but you also want those people to come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds that compliment your own and each other’s. Diverse perspectives grounded in a shared vision are priceless.Communicate. In order to be successful your sales team needs to be able to share their ideas with each other and speak openly without any fear. People want to be listened to.
    3. Promote team work. One salesperson’s win for the company is a win for everybody on the sales team. Promote a team atmosphere that encourages all members of your sales team and makes them feel valued so they’re motivated to do the same for your customers and each other.
    4. Remember to have fun. A little bit of fun can go a long way. How you and your sales team choose to have fun will vary from business to business but there are ways to engage your sales team (and the rest of your employees while you’re at it) with activities that feel less like work. For example, declare half-day Fridays for the whole summer, go to a baseball game, just do something that gives your team the freedom to let loose and relax every once in awhile.

A big part of enabling and empowering a winning sales team is motivation. It’s important that everyone remember that they’re on the same team and it’s okay to have fun and relax with each other every now and again. A happy sales team is a successful sales team.

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