How ProcessPro Global, Salesforce Professional, and Commercient SYNC Help FoodScience Help Others

How ProcessPro Global, Salesforce Professional and Commercient SYNC Help FoodScience Help Others

Pets are our constant companions. They are there when things are good and also when things are bad — especially when they are bad. Their love is unconditional and pure. Dog cuddles and cat purrs are just a part of everyday life for those of us with pets. So it is important to take care of them the way they take care of us. That means taking them to vet appointments and giving them food and treats that are good and healthy for them. 

There’s one company that knows exactly what your pets need to remain healthy and loved. FoodScience is committed to the betterment of both human and pet health. The company was founded in 1973 by the Orlandi family, who wanted to come up with healthier solutions for both pets and humans alike. For 50 years they have proven to be a leader and a clear pioneer in the topic of nutrition and product development. 


Whether it’s with their animal solutions PetNaturals and VetriScience products, or with their human brands DaVinci Laboratories and Little DaVinci — their commitment is clear. Not only are they dedicated to helping others through their brands. but also through their community work. In 2018 they created Good Neighbor Day — an annual event where the company stops production and everyone from worker to CEO goes to help a nonprofit in the community.    

FoodScience is growing as a company, and with growth comes change. With all the things they do, they needed software that would help them. The company already used ProcessPro Global for their finance and operations, and leveraged Salesforce Professional to improve the management of their leads, opportunities, customers, marketing, etc.

“As we’ve grown, our utilization of Salesforce has increased, and we’re adding other integrations with marketing platforms to really harness the lead generation process through Salesforce,” said Scott Payea, Director of IT at FoodScience. But they still had problems accessing their ERP data. With a positive recommendation from ProcessPro, FoodScience decided to give Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, a chance.

The sales team can access ProcessPro Global data directly in Salesforce Professional, thanks to SYNC. Things like customer information, account records, invoicing, price level, inventory, invoice value sum, contacts, and so much more. 

“SYNC gives our sales team more timely data and information, and Salesforce allows them to consume it in a better form than the ERP system does,” said Scott Payea, “And having dashboards and reports built in Salesforce, with that data being synchronized in near real-time will help drive decisions, lets our sales personnel to quickly and easily see where they stand month to date, versus goals and things like that.

“The sales team has done a good job of building some reports in there, so with a few clicks,” continued Payea, “they can see where they’re at for the month, and see where they need to focus their energy and efforts.”

It helps their sales and their efficiency, and thanks to SYNC they can help their community and their animals live healthier lives.