How Integration Apps Modernize Your Sales System

By Tikiela Mims

Your current sales system and processes may do a lot for your business, but if it’s outdated, it can become a huge liability for your business. Especially if you’re seeking to compete successfully against the digital-savvy businesses of today.

The good news is that with a few simple upgrades – that is, with a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and integration apps – you can modernize your sales system, and get improved and intelligent analytics, powerful reporting, tracking opportunities and more. In this blog, we’ll uncover just how integration apps can help you modernize your sales system and stay ahead of the game.

Centralized Information

One of the best aspects about integration apps is that they serve to create a centralized database where all information follows the same rules and customer records have one correct version. For instance, Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, can help you keep everybody on your sales team on the same page by updating customer data in the CRM system, and the changes will be visible in your ERP as well.

This ERP to CRM integrated data includes customer information, invoicing, bill to and ship to addresses, sales orders and history, branch / division details, terms, serial numbers, and much more. And from your sales system back to the accounting system, SYNC will integrate new customers, prospects and leads, orders, and more. Click this video to watch how SYNC works.

“With [Commercient] SYNC, our salespeople can see
the customer information and accounting records, all together.
That cut a huge part of the sales process for existing customers.” – StemCyte
(Read the details here)

Having access to the same information stored in the same system, your employees will be able to collaborate and support one another more effectively. And you’ll be able to ensuring that no clients ever get lost in the shuffle between representatives.

Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle Sales Cloud are supported CRMs by Commercient SYNC. For even more supported CRMs, check out IoT Pulse, which connects your ERP to over 815 apps.

Eliminate Double Entries and Duplicate Work

Not only do integration apps create a centralized database, but they also help you to avoid double entries and keep you from wasting time on correcting errors. An integration app like Commercient SYNC, for instance, will remove the tedious necessity of duplicating data entry (that you might experience using a combination of spreadsheets) by providing identical rules for both your CRM and ERP system.

For example, any changes made in your ERP database will reflect in the CRM system and vice versa. The same principle also applies for the addition or removal of custom fields, new entries or changes in the database.

More Time to Talk with Leads and Customers

With data integration between your accounting and sales systems, there is less time spent on manual tasks. Your sales team will have more time to call and interact with leads, prospects and customers. For example, when a customer contacts you requesting an order status update, you will no longer have to search through different systems to access that information, or inquire with other employees.

“We’ve add more customers than we’ve ever added, in the last 2 years,
through our sales database [via Commercient SYNC].
[The reps] can go on their cell phones and look up year-to-date sales,
up-to-date to the hour.” – 
Hatch Lighting
(See the details here)

With SYNC, you and your salespeople will be able retrieve information on customer records, line items, invoices, payment records, inventory availability, pricing, shipments, order history, and more in real time. This will give your sales reps more time and the opportunity to serve your customers no matter where they are.

Enhanced Sales Analytics for Decision Making and Forecasting

Integration apps also allow you to get a complete view of your customers. You’ll get complete visibility on your customer’s buying habits, order history and general needs. Meanwhile, this data gives you better analytics and reporting, so you can track changes in your customers’ preferences, profitability, loyalty, and more.

Not only does this provide you with a better insight into your customer base, but it can help you build lasting relationships and determine where there is potential for future growth. Ultimately it will help you make better business decisions in the long run.

Midwest Sales and Service was able to tracking customer data using our SYNC data integration app, and with this important data, it exploded their sales and opportunities pipeline. See how on the Midwest Sales and Service success story page.

In addition, The Baker Company uses their SYNC’d data to help forecast market trends, and which of their medical devices they manufacture will sell more in the future.

To start modernizing your sales system today using integration apps, check out our Commericent SYNC and IoT Pulse pages.

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