How Filter Sales & Service benefits from key customer data by integrating Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 with Commercient SYNC

Salesforce and Epicor P21 Integration Success Story

Digital transformation has made companies more aware of the importance of real-time data and integration for business success. Founded in 1953 and based in Burlington, MA and West Haven, CT, Filter Sales & Services is one of those companies that fully understands what needs to be done to provide a revamped customer service.

Filter Sales & Service, Inc. is the largest regional air and liquid filtration product distributor in the Northeast U.S. This company provides air filtration, installation, commercial filtration services to its customers since 1953. Filter Sales & Service use Epicor Prophet 21 as their ERP to manage finances, before Salesforce they used to rely on Insightly as their CRM system.


Filter Sales & Service soon realized that using Epicor P21 and Insightly together didn’t meet their sales needs because of one main problem: lack of integration. They knew that a new and powerful CRM was the next step to remain competitive and avoid making business decisions based on unstructured data.

“It was functional, but the systems wouldn’t ‘talk’ to each other,” said Jackie Clarkson, Operations Manager. As a result, the sales team had to keep information in two different databases, which resulted in double data entry, duplicates, sending invoices to incorrect mailing addresses or emails and lack of accountability, among other issues. It was clearly a setback. 

Filter Sales & Service then relied on Salesforce, the #1 Customer Relationship Management software, and they quickly began to benefit from integration. 

However, the teams at Filter Sales & Service kept struggling with siloed data between the two systems and they needed easier access to the information between their current ERP and Salesforce. Managing and understanding customer data was an issue. The team was “sending invoices to incorrect mailing addresses or wrong emails”, explained Leo Lake, Sales Manager.

Working with separate databases was a risk in the business and the relationship with the customers. Having no easy access to key data would also affect their KPIs evaluation.


In a search for a definitive solution, Filter Sales & Service trusted Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, with the task of integrating Epicor P21 and Salesforce.

The sales team was aware of the main benefits of working with Commercient SYNC, especially because it would provide them a 360° view of sales and the workforce could get more tasks done. Commercient allowed valuable data from Epicor P21 such as sales history, invoicing and inventory to be visible in Salesforce. With Commercient SYNC there’s no coding, no mapping, and no servers. 

By choosing Commercient SYNC as their integration tool, Filter Sales & Service were aiming to increase productivity and sales.

Information within Epicor P21 such as open orders, receivables, payables, etc, became available in Salesforce once Commercient SYNC got the two systems to “talk” to each other.


Filter Sales & Service sales team now has easy access to customer information without having to jump from one system to another. Commercient SYNC made it possible to find all the valuable data in one place so the team can focus on boosting sales and become more efficient.

Having all this sales information properly synced in real-time allows the company to assess KPI’s and keep better track of their strategies, deadlines, understanding customer needs and not missing anything. Updating contact information and manual data entry are no longer a problem. With a two-way SYNC, any change made in their ERP is visible in Salesforce, which saves them a lot of time and results in more productivity.

Filter Sales & Service is one example of Commercient SYNC’s ability to integrate ERP and CRM systems. Having a legacy system is not an obstacle either to SYNC integration. There are over 85 systems integrated by Commercient, including Sage, Acumatica, Epicor, SAP and even the old one AS/400.

The integration of ERP and CRM with Commercient is the key to stellar customer service. With SYNC integration, Filter Sales & Service will surely remain a leader in their industry. The sales team can focus on what really matters: keeping their customers happy and adding loyal ones.  With this powerful sale benefits, they’ll keep committed to quality products and services over the years to come.

Let Commercient be the solution for your company too. Contact us know and let’s discuss your data integration needs.