How Commercient, Salesforce and SYSPRO are the perfect ingredients to make Café Spice Thrive

Café Spice- Salesforce and SYSPRO Integration

Have you ever had a specific craving for something? Especially in regards to a specific kind of food? The thing is that finding good authentic food is sometimes close to impossible. It relies heavily on word of mouth and trial and error. You might be looking for authentic tacos de pastor, and end up with something like Taco Bell. Which is on the other side of the spectrum. But what if there was a way to skip all that and just go directly to getting said authentic food?

It sounds like a dream, but it is a reality. Café Spice is a fresh food manufacturer based in New Windsor, New York, that specializes in branded retail, private label, and co-manufacturing. You can buy their products in stores like Whole Foods or online via places like Amazon Fresh or Peapod. Their mission is to “bring clean, authentic meals right to your table” making your life so much easier. They specialize in Asian cuisine, Indian food in particular but they also have Persian, Mexican, and Thai products. 

Café Spice is USDA approved and has won multiple Sofi awards, the specialty food industry’s most prestigious award. Café Spice is passionate about food and they know of the power of a good meal. They bring love and joy to countless people through their food. So they needed a system that would allow them to continue doing that. 

First, they had to replace their older ERP. They worked with Edgeware to leverage SYSPRO, streamlining various processes from accounting, sales orders, inventory, master resource planning, and so much more. It was a massive help for them and opened the doors to improving other areas, as well. They implemented Salesforce Enterprise, which is the top CRM solution in the world, to help improve their management of opportunities, leads, customers, and the like.

But there was something that was still missing, like the last ingredient in a meal. The one that ties it all together to make for a spectacular experience. So along came Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, and it was just what they needed to connect their SYSPRO and Salesforce data. 

“Overall, our goal and mindset with our software have been ‘centralized and simplified,’” explained Virgilio Felix, Chief Operating Officer at Café Spice. They streamlined their operations with SYSPRO and Salesforce, Commercient SYNC, barcoding and labeling app, and project management software. 

Thanks to Commercient SYNC, the management and sales teams at Café Spice can now access SYSPRO data directly in Salesforce, which made their jobs a lot easier. Especially when it came to the potentially monumental task of updating a dish’s ingredients.

“For example, if we need to change a recipe in SYSPRO, Commercient SYNC integrates that information to Salesforce,” said Felix. “Having to do this work manually would be a nightmare.”

They no longer have to waste valuable time doing it manually, as it automatically SYNCs and they don’t have to worry about double entries either. But that’s not the only aspect where SYNC has helped them. They’re a company that wants to be proactive and reactive, so having the data in real-time is very helpful for Café Spice. 

“If we see that there’s a drop for any reason, we can do something about it,” explained Felix. “Having the SYNC reading off of SYSPRO has been very helpful for us.”

All of those things are the ingredients to make Café Spice into a powerful and successful business. The perfect mesh of authentic flavors, all the love that goes into food, and the joy it gives us.