How Commercient and Salesforce helped Crescent Bronze Flourish

Crescent Bronze Success

What is art? Is it a night sky painted by Van Gogh, or a ceiling painted by Michelangelo? Art is in the eye of the beholder. Restoration is an art form as well and for that, you need the correct tools and the correct paint  — which is where Crescent Bronze excels. Crescent Bronze is a leader in the metallic paint manufacturing industry and with the help of Commercient SYNC Salesforce and Sage 500 integration system, they’ll paint their way to a new horizon.

Crescent Bronze was founded in 1922 and since then has been a pioneer and leader in the business, offering 125+ specialty pigments and colors. The company began by showcasing its powder and paint products on color cards, allowing customers and retailers the ability to see the product’s luster firsthand.

From decorative painting to large-scale industrial and architectural applications, Crescent Bronze products provide unique solutions to a diverse group of market segments where pigments and specialty coatings are required.

They could paint the world, but if their company didn’t modernize their overall sales processes, they would be left in the dark ages. And the best way to do so is with Salesforce.

The Art of Commercient 

“Salesforce helps with analyzing data in a new way that can help the sales team,” explained Noah J. Martin, former Director of Marketing & Inside Sales at Crescent Bronze. “We can highlight our market segments and see what’s most productive, and decide where we should go next in terms of directing our sales strategy.”

The company realized their sales team needed to see important Sage 500 accounting and ERP data in Salesforce, and chose Commercient SYNC to connect their data. 

SYNC is the #1 data integration software for sales, and helped Crescent Bronze integrate their Sage 500 data to Salesforce things like customer info, terms, inventory, invoices, a bill to and ship to addresses, and more.

“Our salespeople can follow up with customers faster thanks to SYNC, and they have more visibility into accounts,” explained Martin. “They can approach the customer more proactively.”

A proactive sales team is a successful sales team. This way you can predict your client’s needs and be able to help them much more efficiently. An unforeseen benefit of having their Sage 500 data in Salesforce. Martin described it as such, “it consolidates the information from Sage, and it’s available and visible in Salesforce very quickly. Sales don’t need to go to multiple screens for that information.”

All of this information can help when it comes to creating sales strategies that boost sales for the company and bring them even more success.

“There’s really no question that as we move into the future, technology like the Commercient SYNC integration is going to play a pivotal role in helping us,” said Martin. 

Thanks to Commercient, Crescent Bronze can move into a new era, a renaissance of sorts.