How Can You Compete For Sales Against Big Businesses?

Small businesses deserve more credit than they get. It’s wrong to assume that just because you’re a small business you can’t compete with the big boys. If you believe in your business you have just as good a chance as anybody else at beating out the big businesses when it comes to sales.

Never count yourself out just because you’re smaller than your competition. Use the tips below to compete for sales against big businesses and show everybody who’s really running the show.

Stick With Your Niche

Being small gives you big advantage over big businesses because you can focus on being great at just one thing or a handful of things, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. Embrace this and run with it all the way to the bank.

Being a smaller business often means you’re excellent at what you do. You don’t have to worry about competing against bigger companies when it comes to price or providing a huge array of options.

Your customers know that when they buy from you they’re getting high-quality products or services. You may think differently, but doesn’t it give you a little more peace of mind when you know you’re getting a quality product versus having 50 options of an okay product to choose from?

Every time you have a sales conversation find a way to weave in why you’re so good at what you do and how that benefits your (potential) customers. Just because you aren’t a big business doesn’t mean you can’t compete for sales by highlighting the quality of what you offer to customers.

Out Hustle Your Competition

Small businesses really have an advantage when it comes to meeting customer needs. As a smaller company, you have the opportunity to personalize your customer’s experience more so than your bigger competitors.

You can flaunt benefits like the ability to respond to customer inquiries and complaints faster or ship orders more speedily. In a nutshell, you can provide killer customer service. Look for ways to use your smaller size to your—and your customer’s—advantage.

Brand building only goes so far and according to this article in the Harvard Business Review, customer relationship value has doubled over the course of a decade and while customers do value a strong brand, “what constitutes a strong brand is now more dependent on customers’ direct experience with an offering, and with their relationship with the firm that produces it.”

Gaining the upper hand and really competing for sales against bigger companies can be as simple as out hustling your competition. A reputation for being hardworking never hurt anyone.

Use Online Tools To Your Advantage

There are so many online tools available to small businesses today such as online marketing tools like Google AdWords, online survey tools like SurveyMonkey, and even cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce that you would be crazy not to use these resources to your advantage.

With the rise of online tools and cloud-based SaaS apps, your company can sign up for various subscriptions that provide you with exactly what your business needs. Given everything that’s at your disposal, there’s really no excuse left for why you can’t compete against big companies.

Using up-to-date online tools and a CRM system today gives you the same amount of resources that used to be available for big businesses only for a long time. The playing field has been leveled and you should have nothing to fear when it comes to competing for sales.

Sales success isn’t about the size of your company. It’s all about strategy now. Play it smart, embrace what makes your business awe-inspiring, and go sell.