Getting Your Small Businesses Taxes Done Quickly

Filing small business taxes can be painless if you invest the right amount of time and energy into preparing for them throughout the year. And, we’ve found that if you track everything in one place, you’ll make your life that much easier.

Which is one reason why we created Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse. With our apps, you can avoid Excel spreadsheets, eliminate manual processes, and get the data you need when you need it. In fact, with SYNC and IoT Pulse, you can get your small business taxes done quickly, and we’ll show you just how in this blog.

All The Information You Need Since The Start Of The Year

Before filling out any tax form to report your business income, you need all records in front of you which report your business earnings and expenses. Since Commercient SYNC is set up to synchronize your ERP and CRM data in real-time, you can view all the information you need since the start of the year, in one easy-to-access place from any system and on any device.

You’ll be able to see invoices, payment records, sales orders, and more in real-time. Also, since SYNC is a cloud-based application, all of your data and information is stored in a safe and secure environment. This paves the way for a unified data storage that is available to every employee of your organization, if need be. And of course, makes it easier when it comes time to file your small business taxes.

You Get The Information You Need In Seconds

Not only can you retrieve all the information you need, but SYNC also allows you to skip the steps of looking for your business earnings and expenses in separate folders and spreadsheets. It eliminates the delay in accessing information, and keeps you from spending hours searching manually through Excel sheets.

Additionally, when you leverage SYNC, you can have the information you need from your ERP and CRM system quickly, as it syncs data automatically and fills your CRM system with the data from your ERP.

Substantially Reduce The Risk Of Discrepancies

Using separate systems for managing different types of data can be a hindrance. But, when you integrate your ERP and CRM system using our SYNC data integration app, you can reduce the risk of discrepancies.

For example, your inventory, sales, purchase, bank, and production entries are tracked on a regular basis, which allow you to avoid data discrepancies. Also when you integrate your ERP and CRM using Commercient SYNC, it removes the duplication of data entry and provides the same rules for each system. By maintaining all your data in one location, you will observe a reduction in redundant and miscalculated data, and you will be able to download and analyze data quicker and easier.

Your Accountant Will Love Working With You

According to the National Small Business Association (NSBA), many small business owners are highly frustrated with the administrative burden of federal taxes. What they found was completing the tax resolution was more of a burden for small business owners than paying the taxes.

The good news is that if you keep detailed records of all of your revenue and expenses throughout the year, you’ll make it easier for your accountant to navigate your financials and identify savings opportunities. And, your accountant will love you for it.

For instance, with accounting software like QuickBooks, you can keep your records organized and easy to review, and integrate it with apps like Expensify using our Commercient IoT Pulse app. You’ll be able to digitize and log your expenses on the go, so that nothing gets lost and everything gets recorded.

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