Getting the Best of Sage and Zoho CRM with Commercient SYNC

In this day and age, integrating you business systems, data, processes, and functions is becoming commonplace and advantageous. When your systems all work together seamlessly, everyone in your business can be on the same page, become more efficient, and have time to do more meaningful work. If you’re leveraging Sage and Zoho CRM as your ERP and CRM systems, we’ll show you how to get the best of both with the Commercient SYNC Integration Platform.

Spend Less Time Entering Data

With Zoho CRM, you can easily track sales, client data, and more, while Sage reduces your reliance on spreadsheets, simplifies reporting and streamlines your core accounting activities. Commercient SYNC connects the two systems and gives you a way to integrate important customer data between your ERP and CRM, so your sales team can consistently provide your clients with custom, valued experiences.

Rather than entering duplicate information into each system, SYNC allows you to enter it just once for it to populate in both Zoho CRM and Sage. This allows you to save time each day, run operations more efficiently, and focus on more meaningful tasks. It also reduces the possibility of human error.

Connect Your Business

Not only will you spend half the time entering data, but by integrating your Sage and Zoho CRM with SYNC, customers, contacts, inventory items, sales orders, invoice history, customer sales history, and much more, are all automatically synchronized. And with one connected system based in the cloud, all members of your company can enter data at a single-entry point which can be accessed from any employee device, at any time and from anywhere. This eliminates the problem of possible duplicate entries, and the time it can take to correct.

Delight Your Customers With Quicker Response Times and Accurate Quotes

Integrating Sage with Zoho CRM will also provide your salespeople with a 360-degree view of your customers from within Zoho. Additionally, your sales team will have the visibility from within Zoho CRM to see each customer’s sales history information without having to access Sage.

In the back office, your Sage system streamlines your processes, helping you with inventory control, warehouse management, financial consolidation, and monitoring overall performance, while your sales and customer service teams are able to give intelligent feedback through their Zoho CRM screens.

Additionally with SYNC Integration for Sage and Zoho CRM, your sales reps can enter orders themselves both anytime and anywhere on their laptops, iPads or mobile phones, which means that the speed at which orders get into the system is dramatically increased.

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