Five Ways To Impress A First Time Customer

By Anna Kinnear

First impressions last! We’ve all heard this before. But how important is that first impression? More often than not, first impressions do last – and sometimes, they are the only impressions you’ll get the chance to make. Once a negative impression is made, it can be difficult to replace. And with a first time customer, you want to make sure it’s the right one.

The findings of research led by a team of psychologists suggest that a first impression is, more or less, forever. That is because second and third impressions tend to only influence us in certain circumstances. The first impression acts as our default view of the person or people in question.

In today’s competitive environment, being mediocre reduces your chances of success, so leave no stone unturned in your quest to impress a first time customer!

Read on to find out how you can impress your first time customer.

Provide a solution

Your first priority should be to provide a solution to your customer’s problem. Find out what their needs and expectations are, and show them you have a solution to their problem.

Build a relationship

Communication is key to any good relationship. Fortunately, today’s technology provides us with many ways to communicate with customers. Listen to your customer. Let them know you care and build a lasting relationship that will keep them loyal to your brand.

Respond to their questions or concerns quickly

Customers hate waiting. Make sure that a customer’s questions or concerns are addressed as soon as possible. Improve your efficiency and response time to customers by syncing your customer data. This will allow you to access all your customer data in one place. Commercient SYNC can help you achieve this by integrating your ERP and CRM systems with important data such as customer information, inventory, terms, invoicing, and more. Giving a customer immediate attention will increase their level of satisfaction, and is a sure way to impress them.

Exceed their expectations

Know your customers’ expectations, and develop a plan to go above and beyond to deliver more than what is expected. A happy customer will not only bring repeat business, but they will also reinforce your brand to others.

Keep your promises!

Do not make unrealistic promises. Promise less and deliver more, and deliver on time without compromising on quality. Failing to keep promises to a customer could have negative ramifications on your business.

Remember, a dissatisfied customer is left vulnerable to competitors, and will most likely jump ship. A satisfied customer means repeat business. Remember these five steps to help make the right impression with a first time customer.

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