Empowering Sales with Digital Transformation: The Southern Wire Story

In the ever-evolving realm of industrial commerce, standing out requires more than just top-tier products—it demands vision, adaptability, and above all, a deep understanding of modern-day challenges.

Enter Southern Wire, a luminary in agricultural fencing products since 1993.

Since its inception in 1993, Southern Wire has been committed to excellence, providing state-of-the-art fencing products ranging from prefabricated wire fencing to automatic gate openers and much more.

Their journey from being a predominant provider of fencing products for the agricultural industry leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions in sales is nothing short of inspiring.

The Evolution: From Individual Effort to Unified Process

While their products spoke volumes, internally, they faced a challenge. Boasting a skilled sales team, every member drove results, albeit in their unique style.

The underlying issue?

The lack of a harmonized direction.

There was an urgency to capture the essence of these individualistic strategies and streamline them into a cohesive, replicable process; a catalyst for scalable growth.

The solution materialized in the form of Salesforce CRM.

Beyond its reputation, Salesforce resonated with Southern Wire for its profound ability to sculpt around sales opportunities and its inherent flexibility.

As Harrison Sivewright, the astute Manager at Southern Wire, shared, “The crux of our Salesforce decision centered around its customization flexibility. It promised to shape as per our vision.”

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The Challenge: Breaking Down Data Silos

Transitioning to Salesforce was only half the battle. The real challenge lay in synchronizing their extensive data, preserved in SAP Business One, with their new CRM.

Historical data, spanning customer details, accounting records, order histories, and unique pricing structures for particular clients, demanded seamless integration.

Before the advent of Commercient SYNC, these data silos were significant roadblocks.

The sales team’s dependency on in-house accounting for insights disrupted workflow.

Sivewright elucidates, “Our team often had to halt their processes, make calls, seek reports, all just to understand what a customer had previously bought.”

The Game Changer: Commercient SYNC

When two titans meet, transformation is inevitable.

Southern Wire leveraged Commercient SYNC, the undisputed leader in sales data integration, to bridge the gap between SAP Business One ERP and Salesforce CRM.

This pivotal move wasn’t just about data integration; it redefined sales efficiency.

Just consider the wealth of data now available seamlessly:

  • Customer Insights: Detailed profiling and historical interactions.
  • Accounting and Invoicing: Transparent financial exchanges, from orders to finalized invoices.
  • Order Histories: Comprehensive understanding of prior orders, assisting in upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Real-time Price Levels: Tailored pricing structures for specific clientele.
  • On-the-Go Accessibility: A crucial facet, especially for the robust on-road sales team at Southern Wire.

Drawing from Sivewright’s words,

“Commercient SYNC’s integration furnishes us with a lucid SAP data view right within Salesforce. It’s been transformative, especially for our on-road sales team. Earlier, they’d rely on printed reports; now, every pertinent detail, from order histories to invoices, is available at their fingertips. The agility it offers is simply unparalleled.”

The Value Addition

SYNC isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for Southern Wire.

Here’s how:

Unlocking New Sales Avenues: The platform’s ability to highlight potential areas for cross-selling is empowering Southern Wire to explore previously untapped revenue streams.

Sales Team Empowerment: Armed with accurate and real-time data, the sales team is in a stronger position to address client queries and concerns, ultimately leading to improved sales outcomes. The days of manual data fetching, such as making phone calls or going through print reports, became obsolete.

Deepening Client Relationships: With immediate access to invoice records and other critical data, transparency with clients has improved. This has fostered greater trust and cemented Southern Wire’s reputation as a client-first organization

Boosted Operational Efficiency: Automatic data sharing between Salesforce and SAP Business One not only improved accuracy but also reduced time-consuming manual entries.

Elevated Client Interactions: Having a 360-degree view of each client’s data allowed Southern Wire to craft more personalized and effective client interactions.

As Sivewright emphasized, “This comprehensive view transforms our client interactions. We don’t just meet needs; we anticipate and exceed them.”

Conclusion: A Partnership Redefining Excellence

Southern Wire’s journey exemplifies the power of digital transformation.

By integrating their operational backbone, SAP Business One, with the dynamic Salesforce Enterprise through Commercient SYNC, they’ve streamlined their lead and customer management processes.

The integration has not only enhanced the efficiency of their sales team but has also ensured that they can offer a more personalized, informed service to their clients.

As we navigate a world where data isn’t just an asset but the very currency of business, Southern Wire, powered by Salesforce, SAP Business One and Commercient SYNC, is not just staying ahead of the curve—they’re redefining it.