Discover AI at Dreamforce 2019

Meet Einstein at Dreamforce 2019. No Salesforce hasn’t reanimated the theoretical physicist as a late Halloween prank. Einstein is the Salesforce AI application that absorbs and processes information with an automation capability. Introduced in 2017, it delivers accurate predictions and in-depth understandings of customers. This results in suggestions that are customized to customer’s unique needs.

Commercient will be at Dreamforce, and you can meet the Executive Team to explore how SYNC enhances Salesforce technology connecting it to your ERP. There are new, exciting changes coming up regarding AI and VR for customer experience, so schedule your meeting to find out. 

Benefits of AI

Why are industry leaders are implementing their own Artificial Intelligence? 

28% of organizations that leverage AI find it useful in data security. 24% of AI use cases use real-time analytics to find fraudulent transactions, product offers, dynamic pricing, and more. Another 24% of companies create personalized data visualizations and dashboards with the help of AI. 23% find that  AI and machine learning can analyze data, see patterns and predict outcomes. Another 23% of use cases discovered AI can predict sales and revenue. The final 20% of 600 executives surveyed by TIBCO adopt AI for personal security.

In the future, all communications with customers will be dealt with by AI smart enough to pass the Turing Test. An AI won’t become overwhelmed by an irate customer, it will be able to deal with any hurdles in a quick, calm and professional manner. Unlike humans who have pesky needs that need to be dealt with on a daily basis, an AI can work 24/7 without rest or nourishment. This can come in handy if your company boasts having customers all over the world, who require assistance at any time.       

Some companies are confident enough in their AI to allow them to make decisions without “human-error” regarding operations. AI is able to operate other technologies that increase automation in business. WorkFusion is a company that offers AI-driven automation to businesses wishing to automate operations and upgrade customer experience.

How to actualize AI

“You need a lot of data to train AI to do that… if you don’t have that data you’re not going to be able to build an AI system,” Henry Baltazar is a Research Vice President for the Storage Channel at 451 Research. Many companies big and small struggle with siloed data, especially between ERP & CRM systems. For an AI system to learn and adapt in needs easy access to all the data your company has accumulated thus far and will gather in the future. With your ERP and CRM systems integrated with Commercient SYNC, you’ll free your company’s vital data, and have a 360-degree view of sales and marketing. With Commercient you can view important ERP data directly in CRM, including customer information, sales history, invoicing, terms, A/R information, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, multiple ship-to addresses, and more. Integration is an important step in AI implementation. Contact Us to discover the best solution to connect your two systems.

There is no need to be intimidated by the thought of implementing your own AI. With Salesforce’s myEinstein you can create your own custom AI-powered apps. Leverage your Salesforce data and solve your unique business challenges. Commercient integrates Salesforce with +85 ERPs with our unique data integration apps.