Cutting-Edge Business Tech Predictions For 2020

tech predictions 2020

Our society is constantly being augmented by data technology. This cycle of renewal and change is essential to every growing economy. The only way to go from rags to riches is to keep up with the rate of change. If we want to empower ourselves as entrepreneurs, we need to take a holistic view of leading trends. Future-proofing your business starts with learning as much as you can about the innovations coming your way. Stay ahead of the curve with us by exploring some of the most influential tech predictions for 2020. 

  1. Mobile Payment Ecosystems: 

Online shopping has steadily gained public trust and traction over the last decade.

E-Commerce has grown more efficient and trustworthy with mobile-intuitive websites and one-click pay options. Business benefits of apps like Sync2Pay include direct processing of mobile payment straight into your CRM or E-Commerce system. No external reconciliation or manual data entry is needed to keep track of your revenue. Mobile CRM apps like Salesforce also give your reps the freedom to collect customer information when they’re out in the field. This enables faster conversions and fewer missed leads. 

The next step in the evolution is a completely cashless and cardless consumer experience. Apple Pay, Snap Scan and Google Wallet will increase their dominance when it comes to creating virtual pay-points. This means we’ll be seeing more of the quaint QR-code in months to come. As we watch payment apps become more prolific, expect stronger competition amongst gatekeepers of these online transactions. Banks, telecoms and credit card companies are just some of the processing parties who will be vying for a slice of the pie. 

  1. AI as a Service:

Whilst there are fears of redundancy within the human workforce, a robot isn’t likely to steal your job. Well, not within the next year anyway. AI is a boon for business because of its ability to handle large scale computations. Machine learning can process massive batches of customer data, fast. The result is a risk reduction in decision-making systems. More companies will combine Software as a Service business model with AI. Thus, creating greater accessibility to processing-heavy services, at a reduced cost. Fore-runners like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already offering machine-learning capabilities and training materials to the masses for a subscription. Retail sector benefits include big data processing for predictive modeling. Consumer trends can be mapped and efforts wisely directed in CRM based on key demographics. But forget the theory. This is how improved ERP data access can practically transform the efficiency of a cloud-based CRM. No costly upgrade. No compatibility hitches. Commercient SYNC helps businesses streamline sales and customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and drive profitability. Within CRM, your sales team will have access to ERP information such as customer information, sales history, invoicing, terms, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, A/R information, multiple ship-to addresses, and more.

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  1. Nano-technology Business Ventures: 

Think about the size of an atom. Now divide that by ten. As hard as it is to imagine this is the minuscule scale dealt with in nano-tech production. Of course, the precursor to this booming business is the 3D printer. With a vast array of applications from food production to medical science, the scope for nano-tech start-ups is huge. This technology is known for creating smaller, more robust and affordable machine components that ultimately streamline manufacturing processes. This lowers demands on energy consumption and raw materials. The global focus is set to hone in on this topic at trade shows in Tokyo and France next year. These are some of the nano-tech functions that will be exhibited:  

  • creating wound-healing devices 
  • manufacturing parts for commercial drones 
  • assembly of medical fitness wearables
  1. Smarter hackers:

With the ubiquity of E-Commerce comes an increased need for data protection. Personal data is vulnerable to these transactions so security is crucial in every online consumer experience. Like the superbugs allegedly spawned by our obsession with antibacterial substances, hackers have become more resilient. The good news is that there’s no end to the one-upmanship. Security systems will continue to deliver preemptive strikes to data theft and network breaches. Fortunately, ERP and CRM integration apps create a single database that can be backed up and password protected. Additionally, you can create different levels of accessibility to the same repository, each with its own password. No need to save confidential customer data onto individual documents that live outside the security of your ERP system.