Creating Reports & Dashboards in Salesforce to Take Better Care of Customers – Aqua-Metric Success Story


Water is the source of everything — it is what makes our communities thrive and our lives richer. Which is why finding the proper way to measure it and distribute it is quite the important feat. Well that’s where Aqua-Metric comes in. When it comes to measuring utilities, they’re the best.  And in order to improve their management of opportunities, they worked with both Commercient SYNC and Salesforce. This helped modernize their sales processes. 

Aqua-Metric is a proud affiliate of the Thirkettle Corporation, and has been serving the utility sector since 1993. The company provides smart metering technologies and conservation solutions for automatic meter reading, advanced metering, infrastructure, smart grid applications, distribution automation, and communication. Aqua-Metric enables electric, gas, and water utilities to measure, manage, and control distributed resources. They believe in quality and in always giving their customers the utmost of care. Trust is the most important value in their eyes. 

In order to keep their customers’ trust they have to be up to speed on the processes. The first thing that needed a CRM that could keep up with the growing demands of the job. This is why they got Salesforce Enterprise, the leading cloud-based CRM in the world. Which was quite the boon — but the sales team needed a full picture of their customers and sales.

Commercient SYNC Shows the Full Picture

There was something keeping them from being able to use Salesforce to its fullest potential. Something to make the water flow as it should. That could bring them from point A to point B. And that something was Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. It allows Aqua-Metric’s sales team to access important Sage X3 data right in Salesforce.

“Commercient SYNC helps us build detailed sales reports and living dashboards in Salesforce,” said Chris Newville, Manager at Aqua-Metric. “Our sales team can keep track of order entry, purchase orders to our suppliers, invoices, payments, and commissions on a day-to-day basis.”

It made them realize how much they could truly do with Salesforce. “Before Commercient, we were probably somewhere about 5, 10 percent worth of Salesforce capability that we were actually using it for,” said Newville. “We’re SYNCing Sage X3 projects and building out custom project management and budget tracking tools in Salesforce by leveraging the near real-time data captured from Sage X3.”

Now Aqua-Metric can create a dashboard in Salesforce’s Service Cloud for their customers, and Commercient will SYNC certain Sage X3 data to give the customers the ability to monitor their sales orders, invoices, and more. Which means they can keep their clients’ trust.

“I’m confident with everything I’ve seen that the SYNC’d Sage X3 data is really going to change the perspective of how we leverage and use Salesforce,” said Newville.

Sometimes all you need is the missing piece to be able to step back and see the whole picture.