Connect With Commercient at the SYSPRO WAVE Conference

SYSPRO WAVE is a conference that celebrates thriving businesses leveraging SYSPRO. Connect with Commercient, other experts and your peers to discover all that SYSPRO has to offer. ERP is at the heart of your business and it’s the cornerstone of your future success.

Find out how SYSPRO supports your personal mission for your business. Join us at SYSPRO WAVE to learn how to better your business by integrating SYSPRO with your CRM. 

When:             September 11-13, 2019
Where: SYSPRO Wave Conference

Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa

Huntington Beach, CA

Who:Our founders, Richard Jenkins, John Angove and Corinne Allgaier.

What to expect:

  • SYSPRO-developed KPIs 
  • What’s new in SYSPRO in the areas of: reporting, administration, financial, manufacturing, distribution, mobility, and digital technologies
  • The latest release of SYSPRO 8.
  • Keynotes from industry and technology experts.
  • SYSPRO Sandbox Expo Hall
  • Hands-on Labs

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Discover how integrating your SYSPRO ERP with your chosen CRM ensures your operations run without a problem while giving your sales and customer service teams the ability to see essential activities happening behind the scenes.

In the back-office, SYSPRO is busy scheduling orders, controlling inventory, monitoring performance, managing resources and invoicing your customers. At the same time, your sales and customer service teams can provide important, real-time feedback via your CRM.

SYNC enables them to check the status and progress of SYSPRO jobs, any material requirements, customer records, inventory availability, and accounting data. Sales can also close new business and automatically convert a new sale to SYSPRO as a Sales Order, a Job, or a new product with a BOM.

Commercient SYNC is available for SYSPRO 6.1, SYSPRO 7, SYSPRO 7 Update 1, and SYSPRO 8. We can integrate SYSPRO with multiple CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, and SugarCRM. 

Want to know more? book your session with Commercient at SYSPRO WAVE.