Introducing Commercient’s AI Data Matching Tool

Revolutionizing Data Synchronization Between ERP, eCommerce and CRM Systems

Commercient has developed the only AI Data Mapping, Data Matching and Data Deduplication Tool available! We spent the last three years developing this tool to map, match and deduplicate. In this article we are going to talk about the matching AI because we identified that the data matching step of a sync implementation was the most cumbersome step. It had the potential to exhaust customers and sometimes it resulted in decisions to delay and “clean up the data” first. Our goal was to use artificial intelligence to remove this stumbling block and to get our customers syncing data as fast as possible. Today, every Commercient customer that has data in both systems (ERP and CRM/e-Commerce software)  has the AI Data Matching Tool applied to their data. The results are phenomenal and unparalleled in the industry.

What does data matching mean?

Traditional ETL toolsets require that the customer must match their data between their two systems in order to reconcile duplicates, bad data, and missing data. The most common use case for matching is account matching where ERP customers are matched with CRM accounts, but other examples include matching contacts, products, and other kinds of objects. Anyone who has performed data analytics based on different databases knows that users often type data into different systems in different ways, make spelling mistakes, that parent child relationships can make data look similar, or that data uploads can result in truncations and transformations of data.

Traditional ETL toolsets rely upon manual data matching or they offer data matching solutions that can take many hours to run, require user intervention and selection, and result in poor results. Commercient already had an excellent matching tool in place that performed well but it still took hours and relied on lengthy customer decision making. By contrast, the introduction of Commercient’s newly developed AI driven matching into the process, means that the comparison and matching generation process that used to take 180 minutes now takes 2 minutes, and the preliminary matching results have more depth and are exceedingly more useful for customers to make matching decisions. The results are phenomenal, saving our customers time and ensuring exceptional data integrity.

Commercient’s new AI Matching Tool can be used to run data matching in minutes, performing massive, complex calculations to deliver unparalleled data matching efficacy.

What is Commercient’s AI Matching Tool?

Commercient’s AI Matching Tool is a solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the matching process between ERP and CRM systems. This tool is particularly valuable in environments where customers have existing data across two systems (ERP and CRM or ERP and eCommerce) that need to be synchronized accurately.

The AI Matching Tool extends beyond traditional data matching processes by employing advanced algorithms to analyze and match data more effectively. Here’s a closer look at its core features:

  1. Advanced Matching Capabilities: Traditional matching methods often fail in the face of complex data scenarios. Commercient’s tool leverages predictive AI to improve the accuracy of matches, even in challenging data environments.
  2. Error Handling and Data Cleansing: The tool incorporates sophisticated rules for data cleansing to simplify the matching process and enhances the quality of the match.
  3. Suggestion-Based Matching: Unlike rigid matching systems that offer only one definitive match, Commercient’s AI tool provides a number  of possible matches as suggestions based on the similarity found among the compared values. This allows users to review potential matches and make informed decisions, ensuring higher accuracy and reducing the risk of incorrect data synchronization.
  4. User Empowerment: The tool empowers users by allowing them to verify and choose the best match from suggested options. This aspect is crucial because it maintains data integrity and gives control back to the users, who best understand their data.

Benefits of Using Commercient’s AI Matching Tool

The introduction of AI into the data matching process brings several significant benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: AI significantly reduces the time required for data matching. What might have taken hours can now be completed in minutes, thanks to the AI’s ability to rapidly process and analyze large datasets.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The AI’s advanced algorithms can detect similarities and patterns that may not be apparent to human eyes, reducing the chances of errors.
  • Scalability: Commercient’s AI Matching Tool scales to meet massive data volumes without a loss in performance, ensuring that the matching process remains efficient regardless of the size of the data set.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By automating the matching process, the tool reduces the need for extensive manual input, which can be costly and time-consuming. This automation saves businesses considerable resources in the long run.

What’s coming?

Commercient will make this powerful tool available to data analysts and data integrators to use on your own projects. The tool is used on every Commercient Sync project and now it will be available to purchase as a stand-alone solution so that data analysts and integrators can use it to manage large datasets more effectively. It will be for sale on the AWS Marketplace and on our website. You are welcome to contact us for more information. This is just one of the AI tools that our stellar AI enthusiasts have developed that will be coming to market for general use in 2024.


Commercient’s AI Data Matching Tool means that our customers move from project inception to getting up and syncing in record time. They enjoy greater confidence in their sync and their sync is able to function more efficiently. We developed this tool for ourselves and we will be launching it for general use for data analysts and data integrators to use on your own projects. Expect more great announcements from Commercient AI in 2024. Follow to read my next article where I will talk about Data Mapping and how we use artificial intelligence to map two novel systems to one another in minutes.