Commercient, Zoho CRM, and Heitek Automation are a Great Match

Commercient, Zoho CRM, and Heitek Automation are a Great Match

When it comes to industrial automation, you want to hire a company that values integrity and is inspired by their customers, while putting those customers’ needs first and providing great value. You will want to work with Heitek Automation. The company is the best resource for industrial automation components and solutions. And thanks to Commercient SYNC Zoho CRM and Epicor integration solution, they can continue providing excellent service to their customers.

Heitek Automation was founded in 2000 as a small pneumatic distributor and has since become the southwest’s premier distributor of automation products and solutions. They count on a complete portfolio of premier manufacturers. They also offer application consulting, system design, fulfillment, and support services that create a breadth of capabilities unmatched in their region.

Out with the Old and In with the New

But they had a problem; their initial CRM was tied to an SQL server and they needed a stronger one, preferably one that was cloud-based. And so they needed a replacement, which came in the form of Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM has powerful features, a user-friendly interface, is cloud-based, and a mobile-friendly app. The implementation resulted in an increase in user adoption. However, the only problem was that their Epicor P21 ERP and accounting data were not easily accessible. This is where Commercient SYNC comes in.

SYNC is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and is the perfect tool to connect their Epicor P21 data to Zoho CRM. The team at Heitek Automation knew how vital that was, as they had a similar integration with their previous CRM. 

“There’s a lot of value in that Epicor P21 data that we had,” said Scott Heiling, President of Heitek Automation. “And that’s why we took a look at Commercient to set up that integration.”

The data in question is customer information, sales history, invoicing, open orders, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, multi-ship to addresses, etc. That information gives Heitek Automation a 360-degree view of sales and customers.

Regarding the most important data being integrated, Heiling commented, “We’re bringing over the order data right now, so there’s value on open order reports, the accounts receivable side of things, and payables.”

Which makes Commercient an invaluable tool for Heitek Automation to have in its tool belt, one that will ensure that Heitek Automation remains at the top of its game.