Commercient Wins The Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam

Commercient Wins the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam for June 2019

Commercient’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Ken deLodzia,
gave a winning 3-minute demo of SYNC ERP & CRM data integration

Atlanta, June 24, 2019 Commercient, the leading platform for ERP and CRM data integration, won the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam for June 2019, by popular vote! The 3-minute demo focused on SYNC, and was performed by Ken deLodzia, Commercient’s Senior Solutions Engineer.

During Ken’s demo, he showcased how Commercient SYNC expertly integrates key data from over 85 popular ERPs, such as SYSPRO, Sage, QuickBooks, etc., to Salesforce. This data includes customer information, sales history, invoicing, order details, serial numbers invoiced, inventory, multi-ship-to addresses, and much more.

New orders, accounts, opportunities, etc., created in Salesforce are SYNC’d to ERP, avoiding double data entry and mistakes. Commercient SYNC gives businesses a 360-degree view of sales.

“It was great to win today’s AppExchange Demo Jam! And with all the great demos presented, I feel very honored and it was a great opportunity for Commercient,” said deLodzia. “I’d like to thank Salesforce for the opportunity to present our product and to everyone who voted for the Commercient SYNC demo.”

One of the Demo Jam moderators, Jeff Grosse, Salesforce MVP, had this to say after the Commercient demo: “The valuable data you guys are able to SYNC over is fantastic. Not only do you have the bi-directional SYNC going on, which is configurable as a one-way or two-way SYNC, but you are able to pull that data in that a customer service rep or a support rep is able to access, and utilize not only for the entitlement side, or the, ‘Hey, I need to get you a replacement order.’ You can see the order information from whatever ERP system you’re pulling from. Fantastic, very simple to use!”

The AppExchange Demo Jam is a game show style event where up to 8 Salesforce app partners perform a fast, 3-minute demo of their app. It takes place on the third Thursday of every month. Attendees vote for their favorite demo, and the winner receives a special award.

Watch the entire Demo Jam here: