Commercient SYNC helps Certified Slings & Supply in Business

Salesforce and Infor Integration Success

Safety is important — one of the most important aspects of life, in fact, it’s even in Maslow’s pyramid of needs. So one would think our job requires safety, as well. Especially if you need to perform acts that need to meet certain safety standards. How can you make sure it’s safe? First, you have to have the right tools for the job; that’s where Certified Slings & Supply come in. This is the tale of how Commercient SYNC, Salesforce, and Infor integration solution helped Certified Slings continue their mission to bring safety to all their customers. 

Certified Slings & Supply was founded in 1958 with the current family taking ownership in 1978. Its current leadership is made up of second and third-generation members — put together they have over 70 years of experience — who are just as passionate about the company as those that came before them.

The company aims to be “the most trusted and respected company in rigging, overhead lifting, load securement, and contractor supplies in the world.” They have served industries like construction, mechanical, theme parks, and entertainment, among others.

The Way to Safety

They are committed to bringing their customers the best quality as customer satisfaction is their first priority. Add to that their commitment to communication and integrity they needed a CRM that could help them along the way.

Certified Slings was already using Infor Distribution SX.e for their operations and finance but what CRM could actually help build on that? So in comes Salesforce Professional. With Salesforce Professional they could modernize their processes, and improve the management of opportunities, customers, leads, and more.

“Our sales teams like being able to create reports and track opportunities,” said Debbie Burke, IT & Accounting Manager at Certified Slings. “And the managers can stay up-to-date on our sales pipeline.”

But they still needed a tool to make it all come together as one. This is where Commercient SYNC comes in. Certified Slings collaborated with Commercient to implement SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, to expertly connect their ERP and CRM systems.

This meant they could access Infor Distribution SX.e data directly in Salesforce Professional. This includes customer account records, sales orders, multi-ship addresses, invoicing, item master, quote header & detail, contacts, customers’ salesperson code, and more.

“If a salesperson needs to look at a quote when they’re talking to a customer, they can quickly find it in Salesforce,” explained Debbie Burke. “We build a lot of customized products, and we use that data for those purposes.”

It was just what the company needed to reach the next step in their plan for their business. So it seems like it was a wonderful combination, one that was helpful to all sides of the equation.

“Commercient really worked with us, listened, and helped us get from point A to point B,” said Alison Kavchuk, Senior Consultant at the RVR Consulting Group. “The sales team and the managers have visibility that they didn’t have before.” 

But that is not the end of it all — Commercient will continue working with Certified Slings & Supply, helping to give them a complete picture of sales, marketing, and customers. That way they can continue reaching new heights and ensuring the safety of their customers.