Commercient & Salesforce help Surestep Move Forward

Commercient & Salesforce help Surestep Move Forward

We all want to protect our kids and give them the very best. Developmental challenges are just that… a challenge. But we’re made to overcome challenges or adapt to them. We want the best for our children so when faced with these challenges we look for ways and people that can help. That’s what Surestep is for. They have dedicated themselves to changing how kids with developmental challenges have to live. And with the help of Commercient’s Salesforce Enterprise and Epicor integration solution, they can do just that. 

Surestep was founded back in 2000 with the idea to change the lives of children worldwide. It was developed by a caring father who wanted to give his son the best chance. Something that would help his son yet was also kid-friendly. Nowadays they are the leading medical device manufacturer of custom orthotics for children. All their products are made with love and children in mind with design choices and a comfortable fit. So they don’t have to hate the act of wearing orthotics. 

With such an important task, they had to ensure their company and systems held up.  One of the issues they encountered was that they had been using a CRM module that wasn’t robust enough for what they needed and so they turned to Salesforce Enterprise. It is the top cloud-based CRM in the world and will help them modernize their processes and improve the management of their leads, opportunities, and more. 

An Important Step

But it wasn’t enough. Something was still missing in their mission of digital transformation.  How could they access their Epicor 10 data from within Salesforce? Was there a way? Yes, there is  — the Commercient way. Commercient is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and as such, is more than qualified to SYNC their Epicor 10 and Salesforce data. 

“Commercient was available, virtually off the shelf, and it’s certainly an easier and less costly method than going the custom development route,” explained Jeff Laderer, CFO at Surestep. “It makes it easier to put the data into our sales team’s hands.”

Thanks to Commercient SYNC, Surestep could access their Epicor 10 data in Salesforce Enterprise, including customer information, accounting records, sales order history, product sales history, invoicing, multi-ship to addresses, and inventory, among other things. 

“Commercient provided the exact solution we were looking for while remaining both cost-effective and user-friendly,” explained Edward L. Gordon, former Sales Operations Specialist at Surestep. “There are good reports we can provide to ourbsales reps that help them drive more value and optimize their time in the field.”

All of this is helpful in various ways but specifically the ability to monitor the year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter sales history of both customers and individual products. This means they can see things like if a customer is ordering less, or a specific product isn’t being sold as much. This prompts the company to investigate and take action, which helps move Surestep forward.