Commercient, Salesforce, and Maypro Create a Healthier World

Commercient, Salesforce, and Maypro Create a Healthier World

If there’s one thing that the last couple of years have shown us is how important our health and the health of those around us are. Without it, we’ve got nothing. Maypro understands how our health can affect our happiness, and they offer the ingredients needed for important vitamins and minerals. And with the help of Salesforce and Sage 100 integration solution by Commercient, they strive to make a real difference in people’s lives. 

Maypro was founded in 1977 by Japanese entrepreneur Steve Yamada. They were small but they had a vision: “To improve human health and happiness by importing the best-quality nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals to the US market from Asia.” Nowadays they’re one of the largest global suppliers of nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals. 

They have quite an important task — but not one that can be achieved without the right tools. Maypro’s previous CRM wasn’t giving them all they needed to fully modernize their company, so they had to switch things up. Enter Salesforce Professional. Salesforce Professional helped them modernize and improve. Especially where it referred to opportunities, customers, and leads. 

“Our goal was to have Salesforce Professional be the single source of truth for our sales team,” said Joshua Guarino, Senior Manager at Maypro Legal and Corporate Affairs Department and Salesforce Administrator.

The Pursuit of Happiness

All they want is to get a complete picture of sales, customers, and marketing and for that, they need Commercient SYNC. Commercient SYNC is the #1 data integration platform for sales, and it allows them to connect their Sage 100 data to Salesforce. They have full access to their customer information, sales order history, invoicing, price levels, salesperson assignments, and much more.

“With data from Sage 100 being pushed over via Commercient SYNC to Salesforce on a scheduled basis, our sales team can avoid having to use multiple platforms,” explained Josh Guarino. “This also helps increase adoption of Salesforce.” 

This also means they have all of this information at their fingertips which is a big help to all of their teams as they can trace order history and see who handles each step of the sale. This means that if the customer was happy they can just keep their sales rep and know exactly what they did to make them happy. 

All around it is a win-win situation because Maypro can prosper and the world can get healthier and happier.