Commercient, Sage100 and Shopify help Capsmith with Inventory

Commercient, Sage100 & Shopify help Capsmith with Inventory

There’s a company that specializes in hats. Since their founding in 1985, American-owned Capsmith has continually stretched the boundaries of what can be considered affordable yet comfortable headwear. All of this without sacrificing quality. They currently provide wholesale headwear to souvenir beach stores, gift shops, Sturgis Bike Week, western, fishing, and other diverse headwear markets. They are continually trusted by many major private labels to deliver headwear that sells, while maintaining the highest quality standards. They trusted Commercient to integrate their Shopify and Sage 100 for better inventory management.

Hats are an expression of ourselves; what we choose to wear on our heads says a lot. We always choose the one we want to wear. It’s the one that fits with what we’re trying to say, and it’s comfortable. That second thing is not always an option. Sometimes we have to resign ourselves to hats that don’t fit all that well or that fit well but aren’t in the color we chose. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have both of those things?

With that amount of work you need to be able to constantly check your inventory — you wouldn’t want to sell something you don’t actually have in stock. That’s where Commercient comes in. This is the story of how Commercient SYNC helped Capsmith in regards to SYNCing their data so that they could move forward with their business.

A New eCommerce Journey 

As a company that believes in innovation, their accounting and eCommerce systems had to be just as innovative to help them reach their goals. Unfortunately, their eCommerce wasn’t fulfilling their needs. And if you’re a company that relies on sales, well, a change clearly needed to happen. So they replaced their old eCommerce system with Shopify, one of the leading global commerce solutions. 

“Shopify allows us to feature our products on our website, offer tiered pricing, etc., and we can expand on it,” explained Angel Santos, Art Director at Capsmith. “It’s great for B2B, as it’s already implemented into the core software.”

But there was still something amiss. They needed a way to avoid double data entry and be able to see all their sales and important information in both Shopify and Sage 100. Not to mention inventory issues — you don’t want something announced in your website as in stock when it was already bought by someone else right? So in comes Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration for sales. 

This means that their clients can easily make B2B purchases on Capsmith’s website, in part thanks to Sage 100’s data being SYNC’d to Shopify by Commercient. This information includes

Customers, Products, Prices, and Inventory.

“SYNC ensures any new customers that are in Sage are also registered on the website via Shopify,” explained Santos. “It also keeps me from having to manually upload a new inventory sheet to Shopify every day. That’s really time consuming.”

Their clients get accurate information and the sales team doesn’t have to upload inventory sheets or worry about updating things. It saves them time and effort. Especially because anything created in Shopify — like new accounts, payment info or orders — gets SYNC’d to Sage 100 and vice versa. Which takes care of one of their biggest worries — double entries. 

“If a customer creates a brand new account on our website and places a new order, the info is SYNC’d and automatically creates a new customer in Sage” said Santos. “It also SYNC’s the orders into that customer’s P.O.’s the inventory.”

It’s a solution that is good for Capsmith and good for their clients. It helps them with inventory and sales, while avoiding the tricky double entries that take time and could result in errors, such as a wrong address.