Commercient, NetSuite, and HubSpot CRM help TacMed Save Lives

Commercient, NetSuite, and HubSpot CRM help TacMed Save Lives

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us is that the first responders are extremely important. They are our first line of defense, they are the ones that save lives. The ones who risk it all so that others can be safe. First responders need equipment and they need training. They have to know the right way to set a bone or identify a toxin. That’s where TacMed comes in — they specialize in providing the highest standard of emergency medical training and supplies. With the help of Hubspot CRM and  NetSuite integration by Commercient SYNC, they could improve said sales. 

TacMed was founded in North Boambee Valley NSW, Australia in 2010. They are a veteran-owned emergency medical supply and training company that specializes in bringing advances in battlefield medicine to first responders. They come from a military and emergency medicine background, something they are deeply proud of. They have decades of experience that helps them know what works and what doesn’t.


But with all that experience they still needed a way to improve their business. Something that could help things be smoother. After all, in that line of business, you have to be quick to be able to save the day.  They needed to upgrade their systems but finding the best CRM fit for their business can be a real challenge. After two failed attempts at finding the right CRM, they worked with Search and Be Found to implement HubSpot CRM.

With the help of HubSpot CRM, the team at TacMed improved the management of opportunities, customers, leads, sales, and much more.

“HubSpot is intuitive and easy to use,” said Matt Charles, General Manager at TacMed. “It works really efficiently for our sales process, and the automation has taken work off of our sales team.” 

That was a step in the right direction, but they still needed a way to access their NetSuite data in HubSpot. If only there was a way to access NetSuite directly from HubSpot CRM. Well, that’s when Search and Be Found and TacMed discovered Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. 

Thanks to SYNC, the sales team can easily access NetSuite data in HubSpot CRM. This includes customer, contact, quote, deal, contacts, ticket, customer’s sales person’s code, and other opportunities.

“Our sales team can see an integrated view of our customers’ purchases,” explained Charles. “Their equipment, training, services, and virtual reality purchasing. It’s a holistic view of the client, and that’s where the real value is.”  

Items created in HubSpot CRM are SYNC’d to NetSuite and vice versa. New opportunities, contacts, sales, etc. This is extremely time-saving and even better avoids the dreaded double data entry. 

“The HubSpot and NetSuite integration means that we don’t have misalignment or missing data, or inaccurate data,” explained Charles.

Because when you’re in the business of saving lives, every little morsel of data has to be accurate, or else you could miss something big. As such, Commercient helps TacMed save others —or at the very least it gives them the tools they need to train people to save others. It’s all part of the circle of life.