Commercient is the Missing Piece for Vanguard Salon Systems

vanguard salon systems success story

Pampering oneself is a bit of a lost art. Self-care is always a good thing and when you can go to a professional and be pampered? Even better. But it can’t just be anywhere — after all our hair is precious and we want to go somewhere we can trust. Can you trust that the place you chose will have the right product for your hair? Well, you can trust Vanguard Salon Systems. Here’s how Commercient’s Sage 100 and Zoho integration helped their business flourish. 

Vanguard Salon Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Mark and Lisa Palermo and is the exclusive distributor of Paul Mitchell hair and style products for the state of Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. They have dedicated themselves and their business to always caring for and respecting their customers. Their goal is to distinguish Vanguard from all others and provide “the Vanguard Difference.” As such, they wanted to make sure their business modernized in order to bring their customers the best service. But they didn’t have a CRM. 

Vanguard decided to leverage Zoho CRM, a leading cloud-based CRM solution, to help the company improve the management of its leads, customers, and opportunities. 

“Zoho is really going to help us by streamlining how our sales team communicates with customers,” said Kristen Keahey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vanguard Salon Systems. “We’ll be able to have multiple channels of communication.”

It progressed, but they still needed to find a way to connect their Sage100 data to Zoho CRM. Thanks to Zoho’s recommendation, they went for Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration for sales. This meant that anything, including customer information, sales history, invoicing, salesperson name, territory code, and area details would be visible in Zoho. And it definitely helped them in terms of marketing. 

Finding the Missing Piece

It allowed the team at Vanguard to refine their marketing strategy, and allow for targeted marketing rather than sending it out there and seeing if it clicks with someone. They could now monitor if someone bought something, how much they bought, or if they haven’t bought anything at all. 

“It’s very important for our sales team to pull their own reports, which are updated hourly,” said Keahey. “They can check their clients’ frequency of purchase, buying habits, top products they go to most frequently, and overall sales to see if they’re growing or not.”

In the future, Commercient will work with Vanguard Salon Systems to implement CRM to ERP data SYNC, where new accounts and sales created in Zoho CRM are integrated into Sage 100.

“We need to be able to SYNC data from Zoho CRM back to Sage 100 to update that system, such as leads and customer information,” explained Keahey. “It can’t just live solely in our CRM.”

For now, they are quite happy with what Commercient has done for their company as noted in their 5-Star review, “The missing link! We were very happy to find that Commercient could provide us with the solution to be able to sync our ERP and CRM software. The Commercient team was very supportive in guiding us to get the correct data synced between both. Once we had the setup planned, they were able to execute it in a timely manner. Their internal communication and follow-up systems have been great from their team.”

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to help Vanguard grow and flourish — it makes us happy to make you happy.