Commercient, HubSpot, and SVB Wood Floors Make it Shine

Commercient, HubSpot, and SVB Wood Floors Make it Shine

Floors are a pivotal part of every building — you can tell a lot from a place by the floor’s condition. If the floor is clean and shining then it means there’s been effort and care put into it. It gives off a much better view than if it’s worn down from sunlight or has scuff marks from furniture. But how can you make sure it’s perfect? Who can help with the upkeep? Well, that’s why SVB Wood Floors is here for you. Just as Commercient SYNC Hubspot CRM and Quickbooks integration were there for them. 

SVB Wood Floors was founded in 2003 in Kansas City, Missouri. Hardwood floors are their name and attention to detail is their game.  They pride themselves in providing the highest quality hardwood flooring services, whether installation, refinishing, and/or restoration. They prioritize making their customers’ dreams into realities.

The company was ready to modernize its sales and marketing processes so it could continue serving its customers. To do so meant changing their CRM to Hubspot CRM. 

Finding the Right Finish

“HubSpot CRM gives us business intelligence, showing us what our closing percentage is, where our business is coming from,” explained Ryan Christopher, General Manager at SVB Wood Floors, “what our lead sources are, what are the sales reps’ performances compared to goals, how to spend marketing dollars.”

But the sales team still needed to access the Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise data, as SVB Wood Floors uses it for accounting and operations. Thanks to a recommendation from HubSpot, they chose Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration software, to SYNC their Quickbooks and Hubspot CRM data. 

“We’re able to look at historical data on particular accounts and see what they have spent a year over year, and then build that into HubSpot CRM,” said Christopher. “We can actually do an accurate forecast, and see where our sales goals should be, for example.”

This also helps them access information such as accounts, deals, products, invoices, contracts, and more. 

Christopher continued, “Our sales team doesn’t have to ask to see an invoice report or accruals report or whatever they need, because the QuickBooks data is being SYNC’d into HubSpot CRM.”

They can access the data anytime they want. Plus the sales team at SVB Wood Floors can avoid double data entry. Double data entry is one of the biggest wastes of time of almost every business, so anything that helps avoid it is a good call. 

“B2B quotes are built in QuickBooks, but consumer quotes are created in HubSpot,” explained Christopher. “And we need to have that information automatically SYNC’d to QuickBooks, which helps us avoid double data entry.”

Teamwork makes the dream work, and here the combination of Commercient SYNC, Hubspot, and SVB Wood Floors makes for a wonderful collaboration.