Commercient and Salesforce Help ScentAir Scent the Way

Salesforce Enterprise and Sage X3

Scent is one of our most powerful senses — it has the ability to recall a memory from childhood, it can help us see when something is wrong, and it’s there as we go through life. And there are multiple ways to use scent to influence people or situations, scent marketing is an invaluable tool that ScentAir has turned into a wonderful business.  One that with the help of Commercient’s  Salesforce Enterprise and Sage X3 integration solution can continue building connections through the power of scent. 

Since 1994, ScentAir solidified its reputation in creating the most memorable experiences for companies big and small through the power of scent. Scent helps with brand recall, it helps with foot traffic, and it’s proven to increase customer satisfaction and food quality satisfaction scores. ScentAir is the global leader in olfactory marketing, providing best-in-class ambient scent marketing solutions to many of the world’s most recognized brands. 

As the company grew, it realized it needed to improve its operations, accounting, service, and overall sales processes. To do that, they replaced their old CRM with Salesforce Enterprise, the top CRM in the world, along with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot for marketing, and Chatter for internal communications. They also updated their ERP to Sage X3.  

The Smell of Success

“When we switched to Salesforce, it allowed us to grow more, not only from a sales standpoint but from a service standpoint, as well,” explained Brandon Schauf, former IT Business Systems Analyst II at ScentAir.

But that wasn’t the end of it. They needed to connect both of those systems so that their company could truly reach new heights. This led to them choosing Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration software for sales, giving them a full view of sales, customers, and marketing. 

With Commercient, the sales team can view their Sage X3 data in Salesforce. Customer information, sales order, history, serial numbers invoiced, multi-ship addresses, deliveries, unpaid invoices, customer movement, salesperson name, and much more are available right at their fingertips. 

“We’re bringing over a lot more data from ERP to CRM, not only to assist sales, but also service calls from a technical service standpoint,” explained Brandon Schauf.

“And from a customer care standpoint, too,” commented Lisa Hamon, Salesforce Manager at ScentAir. “They don’t have to always go into Sage X3 when a customer calls up; everything is SYNC’d into the Salesforce Enterprise record.”

Having their data SYNC’d helped increase adoption across ScentAir’s divisions. Do you smell that? It is the sweet scent of success.