Commercient and Salesforce Help Magnaflux in their Quest for Safety

Commercient and Salesforce Help Magnaflux in their Quest for Safety

Innovation is part of what moves the world forward. New discoveries are made each day, and some of those push forward even more discoveries that lead to scientific breakthroughs and incredible steps forward. As wonderful as these discoveries are, sometimes they have the potential for trouble. Progress is better in the long run when there’s safety involved — and that is what Magnaflux is all about. Thanks to Commercient SYNC Salesforce Enterprise and Sage integration system, they can continue to do what matters most. 

Magnaflux was founded back in 1929, and for more than 90 years has been a global leader in non-destructive testing. They are dedicated to finding a safer way for things to develop, whether it’s safer parts for cars, making sure a jetliner is safe, or even testing steel used in buildings to make sure it’s safe for everyone. Magnaflux helped men land safely on the moon and back to earth.

Their contributions to society cannot be understated, and their uncompromising stance on safety and performance sets them apart, and it’s why generations of NDT professionals continue to rely on them.

With such an important task ahead of them, they needed to make sure their own systems were up to the task. All of it starts with getting a CRM that can handle what they do and modernize their processes. And if it can help them introduce a B2B online storefront then it’s all the better for them. So they implemented Salesforce Enterprise, the world’s top CRM, to do all that and more. Along with Salesforce CPQ, Pardot for marketing, and Service Cloud. 

“Salesforce is not only a tool for our salespeople to keep organized and track what they’re doing, but it’s a marketing tool and a configure-price-quote tool [CPQ] for us to be more efficient,” said Brad Bilotta, IT Manager at Magnaflux.

Saving Time & Effort 

But they needed their sales and marketing teams to be able to get a full view of their Sage 500 ERP and Accounting data along with sales and customer information. They turned to Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, to connect their Sage 500 and Salesforce Enterprise information.

They can now access important data like customer information, account records, sales order history, invoicing, multi-ship to addresses, etc., directly in Salesforce.

“Commercient SYNC saves time and effort by moving our data in the direction we want at the time we want it. We’re creating a new experience for our customers, and changing how we do business,” explained Bilotta.

 “We could have done the integration ourselves, but we don’t want to be a programmer, we don’t want to create our own product,” said Bilotta. “Commercient helps shorten our cycle time to get our data integration in place.” 

It makes everything work smoothly so they can focus on what really matters. And they don’t have to worry about the dreaded double posting, because accounts created in Salesforce get SYNC’d to Sage 500, which saves time and effort.