How Your Company Can Benefit From Cloud Cryptography

Cloud Cryptography

Cloud Cryptography is an encryption that protects data stored within the cloud. In return, it allows those who have the cryptographic keys to access the server with ease and safefty. The whole idea behind this measure, is authentication.

Benefits of cloud cryptography

Since the world is moving towards an age of technology, companies’ information is going digital. Certain measures are being put into place within cloud cryptography which adds a strong protection layer to secure data to avoid being hacked, breached or affected by malwares. Since cloud cryptography is encryption, the following benefits include:

  1. Privacy – The data remains private for clients since the information would be sensitive and reduces the chance of fraud from unauthorized users.
  2. Enhanced Data Security – When the data is being brought over from one system to another, the transfer of the data is at risk and the encryption prevents the information from being vulnerable.
  3. Users – Since cloud cryptography uses a strict measures of security, businesses receive notifications immediately if an unauthorized user tries to make changes. The only people who can gain access, are the ones who have cryptographic keys.

However, since there are benefits, businesses must be aware of the setbacks. By knowing the benefits and setbacks, the business can make an accurate decision on how to protect their data by having favorable and researched facts. 

  1. Costs – Having data encrypted can also be costly as systems are advanced and need to be maintained as well as updated.
  2. Glitches  – Any IT professional will be well aware that even though the data can be protected from transferring it from one system to another. There is still a possibility of having a server glitch.
  3. Data Recovery – Having your data protected is comforting, however. overprotective measures can cause difficulties for the business when recovering data. To illustrate, the more keys you have, the more difficult it is to enter into the server.

How does cloud cryptography work?

Cloud cryptography is based on encryption, in which algorithms and computers are used to scramble text into a mixed code, known as ciphertext. The ciphertext can then be changed into plaintext through an encryption key, by decoding it with series of bits. Encryption is used to secure two types of data known as: information at rest and information in transit. Information at rest is when the data is stored electronically through the cloud, mobile devices, apps or even computer hard drives. Whereas, information in transit means this information is moving through connections online such as, apps, emails or browsers. Data encryption can take place in one of the following ways:

  • Full disk encryption – This is the main way to safeguard hard drives on computers and when any files are saved on an external drive, it will be automatically encrypted.
  • End-to-end encryption – Senders and receivers send messages, whereby they are the only ones who can read it. For example, Facebook makes use of this in its messenger application.
  • File encryption – This is when at rest data is encrypted, so that if an unauthorized person tries to intercept a file, they will not be able to access the information it holds. 
  • Pre-encrypting data that’s synced with the cloud – Before information gets to the cloud, there is software available to pre-encrypt it, making it impossible to read for anyone who tries to hack it.

To conclude, cloud cryptography is encryption to safeguard any data stored on the cloud. It protects clients or businesses from unauthenticated users. An encryption is a code known as ciphertext and there are numerous ways data can be encrypted.

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