Closing More Sales: Three Shrewd Techniques

If you are a salesperson, you probably want to maximize your earnings and close more sales. The trap that many salespeople fall into when trying to close more sales is rushing a sale. In the process, they focus more on selling their product than on the customer and meeting their objectives. Before closing your next sale, try to implement the following shrewd techniques:

  1. Let the customer be the focus.

    The bottom line is that everything is about the customer, so just trying to eagerly pitch your product to them is not going to work. This is a common mistake that many salespeople make. As a salesperson, try to make it a habit to always listen to the customer. Moreover, try to concentrate on how you can help them instead of making your product the main topic of the conversation. If they tell you from the start what their objectives are, you will know which direction to go in when trying to win the sale. Hence, you should focus more on the customer and put their interests first. A winning pro-tip is to reference a case study from their website and ask about what they did to make that customer successful.

  2. Know the customer and its objectives.

    Without knowing anything about the customer or their needs there is no way to articulate how your product can meet their objectives. You should do homework beforehand and research the customer. Also, try to ask the customer as many questions as you can and get their feedback. Thus, you will be able to provide them with the best solution. For example, you can ask the customer whether they have any pain points or ask them what their favorite success story has been with a client. If they have any pain points, you can explain how your product helps them address those pain points; this will give them more confidence in your product. Therefore, if you know the customer and their objectives, you can effectively prove how your product meets the needs of the customer. By implementing these techniques, you are more likely to win the sale.

  3. Build a trustworthy relationship.

    To close a sale, you must also build a sense of trust between you and the customer. You should have an in-depth knowledge of your product and be able to answer any customer queries. If for any reason the customer feels that you are not confident in what you are trying to sell, they will not want to buy your product. Try to show the customer that you want to help them. You can do this by seeing if they need an extra add on or another product to meet their needs. They will appreciate your concern for their best interests and you will in return create a sense of loyalty.