Building A Successful Small Business That Can Run Without You

By Tikiela Mims

A small business that can run on its own is one that has been successfully built. As a small business owner, you provide the heart and soul that keeps your business running, so the thought of your company running without you can be hard to chew on. However, there may come a time when circumstances dictate that your business will need to run without you, such as retirement or starting a new company.

Here are a few tips for building a small business that can run without you.

Embrace the Power of Technology

If you’re looking to build a small business that can run without you, embrace the power of technology. With it, you can automate tasks that don’t need a human brain behind them.

For example, you can use a cloud-based integration app like Commercient’s IoT Pulse to connect your business applications, such as integrating your ERP with Slack, WordPress, CRM, timecard apps, and much more. You’ll be able to automate tasks like sending out emails instantly when customers input a new order, create new customers or vendors in your ERP, create new sales orders with multiple product line and much more.

Businesses in industries such as manufacturing, medical, services, and more, are growing by connecting their accounting ERP systems with their CRM. Breaking into new markets, predicting business growth opportunities, streamlining their sales process, are only some of the positive results these companies are experiencing.

When you embrace the power of technology, you even can stay in touch with your team through tools like Slack and Asana. You can also use tools like Dropbox to share files and Zoom for conference calls. With so many amazing tools, you can practically run your business without being there.

Keep Your Employees Committed

To step away from your business, you’ll need people who are willing and able to follow your lead and then take the wheel. This requires employees who are committed to their roles, who feel a connection with the organization, and that they understand the goals. This is why you must ensure you motivate and communicate with each of your employees.

Through effective communication, your employees will feel more empowered and motivated to do their jobs. It also gives them a sense of belonging, camaraderie and responsibility. And the good news is that you could use different forms of communication between phone calls, email blasts, webinars and more, all without having to come to the office.

Find a Business Partner

As two heads are better than one, a business partner can be the catalyst for building a small business that can run without you. In fact, the right business partner can be a source of ideas and a counterpart to your own management strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, your business partner can share your ambitions, and help you reach your full potential.

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