Boost Revenue with Commercient Integration for Sage 100 and Salesforce

Sage 100 is an industry-leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that helps you manage your manufacturing, distribution, and service industry processes, from beginning to end. It helps run your company’s operations, so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

This ERP is feature-rich, dependable, and highly customizable. With purpose-built modules designed to meet the needs of manufacturing and distribution. Sage 100 is flexible enough to adapt in response to the needs of tomorrow. But it lacks certain features you’ll only find in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), such as Salesforce, the undisputed industry leader.

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform for supercharging every part of your company that interacts with customers. This includes marketing, sales, commerce, service, and more. Salesforce connects all your teams around one platform, with apps such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. This ensures every employee can interact with your customers like a single company, not a series of disconnected departments.

However, having multiple databases, such as your ERP and CRM, can result in a cluttered view of business processes and disjointed operations. Data within Sage 100 and Salesforce systems remains siloed, and your teams may miss vital information needed to make critical decisions.

How Commercient SYNC Data Integration For Sage 100 and Salesforce Can Help Free Your Data

Elevate your Sage 100 and Salesforce experience with Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales. We make it possible for your sales team to see Sage 100 data directly in Salesforce. This includes customer information, sales history, invoicing, serial numbers invoiced, terms, inventory, multi ship to addresses, and more.

In addition, the SYNC app integrates new orders and accounts from Salesforce into the Sage 100 system. This helps personnel in purchasing, the shop floor, and the warehouse to immediately act on a new sale. We can also help you tie the order back to the opportunity in Salesforce, to complete the circle of order to cash.

SYNC’s Sage 100 and Salesforce data integration platform can benefit your company in multiple ways. SYNC can streamline your processes, sales, customer service, and consolidate your financials. This saves you time and money.

Read how Commercient helped Sentury Tire give their Inside and Outside Sales Teams a 360-degree view of sales.

Commercient SYNC keeps you from hiring personnel to move the data, allowing your team to focus on your company. This results in increased profitability for your business.

Our app keeps you up-to-date with changes made to your ERP and CRM systems simultaneously. In Salesforce, you can see a mirror image of what’s happening in your Sage 100 system.

Avoid frustrated customers by providing quick and efficient service and support. Customer data is consolidated in one app, allowing your employees to have all the information they require at their fingertips.

Take your business to the next level with Commercient SYNC data integration for Sage 100 and Salesforce. Help sales and customer service achieve their results fast and efficiently by accessing your data stored in the cloud anytime from anywhere.

With multiple benefits, it’s easy to see how our customers have consistently grown year after year since using our SYNC for Sage 100 and Salesforce. Learn more by contacting us today.