Australian Bushfires Killed Over a Billion Animals. How Can You Help Save Them?

Help Save The Australian Kaola's

The fire season was upon Australia the past few weeks, but this year the fires were the biggest hit and most dangerous, putting human lives and animals in danger. All this has been exacerbated by persistent heat and drought. Many point to climate change as a factor making natural disasters go from bad to worse.

Blazes have torn through bushland, wooded areas, and national parks like the Blue Mountains. Some of Australia’s largest cities have also been affected, including Melbourne and Sydney — where fires have damaged homes in the outer suburbs and thick plumes of smoke have blanketed the urban center. Earlier in December, the smoke was so bad in Sydney that air quality measured 11 times the “hazardous” level.

In the midst of the smoke and blazing flames, Australian tourist attraction Koala’s were endangered. A 2014 study suggests koala tourism could now be worth as much as $3.2 billion to the Australian economy and account for up to 30,000 jobs. In 2020, Australia has 68 zoos and wildlife parks exhibiting just under 900 koalas. A photograph with a koala is a must-have souvenir for many international tourists.

Help save Australian Animals

All of us at Commercient we really love and adore the Koala’s, since their habitat has been destroyed by wildfires in Australia, Commercient has taken the liberty to assist two of our great and loyal customers, Elodie Martinez of Gecko Alliance and Zachary MacNabb of Syracuse Supply and Douglas Fly Fishing in a virtual adoption through the World Wildlife Fund website.

To find out more about how you can help to save these beautiful animals and take part in a virtual adoption like our customers did, Click Here  and you can give them a safe home. Together we can make a difference!