Attending Dreamforce? Meet Commercient To Increase Efficiency And Revenue


Some of the best reasons to attend the Dreamforce include educational and networking opportunities. Even though it’s impossible to learn all the capabilities of Salesforce in a just few days, the educational aspect of the conference invaluable for you and your company. In addition, networking is a great way to help grow your business through new customers and more.

Commercient’s Co-Founders John Angove and Richard Jenkins will be attending the four-day conference, and would love to meet and network with you. Our SYNC app allows your company’s Accounting ERP and Sales CRM systems to be integrated, giving your employees access to data that would otherwise be separate. Whether you’re a company willing to save up to 80% on integration costs or a consultant interested on winning back deals lost due to no-decision, meet with Commercient’s Co-Founders and get the answers you need.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider meeting Commercient’s Founders at Dreamforce:


Learn How To Improve Efficiency And Save Money In The Process

Imagine having all that data integrated with your ERP/Accounting system, so every time there’s customer activity, like a new invoice, sales order, payment received, and more, you could have that information in your CRM automatically. Without you or anyone in your staff having to be at their computer to add the data manually.

In addition, if you have that data properly integrated, your team will be able to answer any question about customers to resolve an internal issue or provide customer service. Through 65+ apps and ERP integrations with Salesforce and other CRMs, Commercient does all this without coding, mapping, ETL or big upfront payments – which lead companies to save up to 80% on integration costs.


Learn How To Integrate Your ERP Or Accounting System To Your CRM

This reason is a must if an integration of your Accounting/ERP system with Salesforce or other CRM is a line item on your project plan. Whether you need to have a better understanding of the value an integration like this would bring to your business, or ask questions about the technical aspects to implement and run an integration, who could be better to speak with than the founders? Click here to set up a meeting with them and be ready with your questions!

Are you a consultant tired of losing deals to no-decision? Our Founders can show you how Commercient has helped over 200 partners win deals they were losing due to hefty integration costs. If you want to learn how you can win back 50% more prospects, click here.


If Syncing CPQ, Payments, And Other Data Is In Your Agenda

Is there specific data you’d like to integrate with your CRM? Meet with us and learn how you can effectively integrate CPQ, payments, orders, accounts receivable and other customer data in Salesforce or another CRM through Commercient’s SYNC. Thanks to SYNC, you and your team will be able to access customer data from any device (desktop computer, laptop, mobile devices), anytime, asking customer’s questions and resolving issues promptly. If you accept credit card payments and would like to integrate that info with your CRM, Commercient offers Sync2Pay.  


Understand Migration Of Data From Multiple Sources

And what if you need to migrate info from more than one source, not only from your ERP to your CRM, or vice versa? Commercient helps you with that, too. For example, SYNC allows two-way integrations, which means that any information added, changed or deleted in either system will automatically change in the other! How much time do you think that can save you? You can use that time to help grow your business.


To Figure Out How To Integrate Over 815 Apps

Do you have more apps, with diverse purposes and functions, that you’d like to integrate to your Accounting system? If that’s the case, Commercient can help you through IoT Pulse. If you want to get the most out of, for example, marketing automation, you can integrate your Ecommerce system (such as Magento) with tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, InfusionSoft, Spring, Zendesk, Trulio, and, of course, Salesforce, to automate these processes as much as possible, which can lead to saving you a lot of time and money.


BONUS: If You Won’t Be Able To Attend, No Problem!

No matter how much interest you may have in the event, sometimes plans fall through, or the conditions didn’t work out as expected. If you won’t be attending Dreamforce this year, but you’re interested in speaking with Commercient about any of these solutions, you can always speak with us!


If you’re interested in implementing our solutions with your company, set up a meeting here.


Are you a consultant or interested in partnering with us to stop losing deals to no-decision? Click here.


If you read this article after Dreamforce, feel free to contact us.