A Strong Foundation: Commercient & Carlton Construction

Salesforce and Sage 100 contractor Integration - Strong Foundation

A good foundation is important in anything we do. When it comes to friendship, work, love, and life in general, really — you need to build on a strong foundation. It’s what matters after all. Carlton Construction understands that concept more than anyone.  That is why they chose Commercient SYNC to integrate their Salesforce with Sage 100 contractor. They know that space is more than walls and a roof. To build something is to create — create something that will enrich someone’s life. Whether it be a home, business, or a place for the community.


The company was founded back in 2005 by Matthew Carlton, and he had a dream for what would become Carlton Construction. That one day he wouldn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck or wait for the next deadline or project. A place where he could collaborate with people whose vision matched his own. His dream has been fulfilled by having a company that in their own words, “truly understands, anticipates, and exceeds the expectations of discerning commercial and luxury residential owners across the Southeast.”

Building a Foundation

They have a client-first system that shapes their core values, which include: Being team- and client-focused, safety above all, attention to detail, having a commitment to learning, and having initiative. It is that attention to detail that helped them reach the conclusion that they needed to update their CRM system.

When you need to update your systems, you look for the top cloud-based CRM in the world, Salesforce Enterprise. This helped the team at Carlton Construction to modernize and update their processes, while also improving the management of their customers, opportunities, etc. 

“Salesforce is super customizable and I can create great reports,” said Charles Garrison,

Business Development Manager at Carlton. “However, we needed our Sage 100 Contractor and CRM systems tied together, centralizing our data into Salesforce.”

To achieve that goal, they worked with Commercient to implement SYNC, the #1 data integration platform for sales, and a perfect solution to Carlton Construction’s siloed data problems.

Thanks to SYNC, the sales team can now access their Sage 100 Contractor data right in Salesforce Enterprise. The sales team can access things like accounts, jobs, invoices and payments, contacts, project tables, etc., without asking for a report from Accounting, for example. It made the process so much smoother. 

“SYNC helps us to understand the financial data for all of our current and upcoming projects, in real-time,” said Charles Garrison. Commercient also helps with forecasting. “We’ll be able to create custom reports in Salesforce to help us know where we are and where we’ll be.”

The future looks bright for Carlton Construction. Soon, Commercient will implement a Phase 2 SYNC which means opportunities, new accounts, and other items created in Salesforce will be integrated into Sage 100 Contractor. This will of course save time and give Carlton Construction a 360-degree view of sales, customers, and marketing. 

Which is the goal in the end, isn’t it? A proper foundation and all the necessary tools to build a long-standing successful business.