A Dynamic Duo: SYNC Integrates Acumatica and Salesforce

Nowadays many small and midsized companies choose to integrate their ERP and CRM systems to streamline and automate their business processes. With its SYNC application, Commercient provides a simple way for companies to integrate their ERP and CRM software. It has performed numerous integrations for companies all across the world and is integrating new ERP and CRM systems every day. Some of the most recent integrations have been SYNC for Workday and Salesforce, SYNC for Xero and Salesforce, and SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce to name a few. For now, let’s focus on SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce, and see what benefits it provides Acumatica.

Say goodbye to data duplication

There is an old adage that says that where there is a problem there is a solution. One problem that businesses with ERP and CRM systems face is data duplication. Commercient SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce helps you and your employees solve this problem by integrating both your Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM data together. It then creates one master system for easy data access. This helps you to avoid any duplication of data entry. Also for each system, it provides the same rules. So, the changes you make in your Acumatica ERP system, will also reflect in your Salesforce CRM system, and vice versa. Additionally, with your SYNC solution, you will be able to view all the data you store in each system in one easy to access location.

Get real-time updates anytime and anywhere

Commercient SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce also allows you and your employees to have a real-time view of your business, and allows you to view pertinent information.  SYNC also allows you to sync your data automatically on any schedule from once a week up to real-time. In this way, all your employees will be on the same page and have access to data wherever and whenever they need it. So, with just one click of a button, your sales representatives will be able to view customer records, payments, pricing, invoices, order history, shipments, and much more. Your SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce solution will allow you to view all this data from any device, including iPhone and Android. Quintessentially, your sales representatives will be able to provide customer service wherever they are.

Stay protected in the cloud environment

Since SYNC is a cloud-based application, your data will be safe and secure when integrating between your Acumatica ERP system and Salesforce CRM system; your data will be backed up with a data recovery plan. Also, you don’t have to worry about any attacks on your company’s server, since all your data will be stored in the cloud. With your SYNC solution, you will also be able to grant your employees different levels of access to the data that you sync into your Salesforce CRM system.


NOTE: Commercient is a Salesforce Trusted Partner and an Acumatica Certified Solution. If you use or you’re planning to use and integrate both systems, contact us today to learn more about SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce!