5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your ERP Software

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your ERP Software
ERP software is constantly being enhanced with better functionality, flexibility, and focus on efficiency with every new update from your favorite ERP vendor. In addition to this, many accounting software developers are integrating user-requested changes into the latest version releases. However, even with all of these enhancements consistently being made, it is still possible for you to outgrow your ERP software.

Businesses grow, needs change, and not all ERP software is “one size fits all.” Commercient actually gets the “How do I know if I’ve outgrown my existing ERP software?” question a lot because customers are concerned about whether or not we can still sync their ERP data to their CRM if they change vendors or upgrade their package. The short answer is yes. So don’t stress about that. We’ve also compiled a list of 5 tell-tale signs for you that will help determine if you’ve outgrown your ERP software and should consider upgrading your system.

  1. Data entry, reporting, and updating are slow going. Slow performing ERP software is a ball and chain around your businesses ankle. If generating reports take longer than a lunch break or you have time to go hang out by the water cooler while an invoice posts, this could be a sign that your data file size has outgrown your existing system.
  2. You’re spending a lot of time on manual entries. Are you manually keying a lot of information into Excel? Do you keep a separate system for your customers? If you answered yes to either question (or both) then you’ve outgrown the capabilities of your ERP software. This happens when businesses grow. It’s a good thing that you need an upgrade!
  3. You’re making decisions based entirely on what your ERP software can and can’t do. If you’ve ever had to consider turning down, or actually turned down a deal because your system just couldn’t handle it, you’ve outgrown your ERP and it’s time to do something about it. Your ERP should benefit your business. It should never hold you back.
  4. There’s a lack of real-time reporting. Real-time access to your data is critical to the success of your business. Not having the ability to view your data in real-time increases the risk of errors and missing opportunities to correct errors before they cause too much damage.
  5. You use multiple databases and multiple systems to manage your business. Is your data scattered across multiple systems? Did you know there’s an easier way to manage your data? Such as integrating your ERP software with your CRM software so that all of your data is in one easy to access place for everyone?


With a sufficient ERP system you shouldn’t be dealing with anything on the list above and with Commercient SYNC, you can take an already efficient ERP system and make it even better. Integrating your ERP software with CRM software is a simple solution for improving your ERP experience and that’s exactly what we specialize in.

Still unsure about whether or not you’ve outgrown your ERP system and should consider upgrading? Contact one of our specialists today! Commercient has experience integrating the following ERPs with multiple CRMs:

  • Baan ERP
  • Epicor ERP
  • Infor ERP
  • JD Edwards ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Oracle ERP
  • QuickBooks® ERP
  • Sage ERP
  • Traverse ERP