5 Myths About Business Integration Platforms Debunked

There seems to be a lot of myths going around about integration platforms, and we want to help you learn the truth. In this blog, we’ll uncover the most common myths about integration platforms you should put aside if you want to grow your business.

Myth #1: They’re Just A Technical Upgrade

Cloud technology and integration platforms certainly represent a technical upgrade for any company trying to stay competitive in ever-changing markets. But the use of this technology goes far beyond that: Integration platforms increase efficiency and productivity, reducing manual data entry and human errors, which ultimately helps the business to reach its goals.

The positive results obtained with Commercient SYNC, the #1 integration platform for sales, vary: The opportunity to reach new markets, increase customer base, and additional layers of protection against outstanding invoices, are only some of the results customers have praised about SYNC.

Myth #2: They Are Not Secure

Another big myth about integration platforms that you’ll want to put aside if you want your business to grow is the claim that cloud integration platforms are not secure. Businesses have been moving their sales and marketing systems from on-premise to offsite cloud servers, and that can lead some to be concerned about security, but that’s not the case.

Providers of cloud integration platforms are aware of this concern, we work extra hard to ease our customers fears, ensuring that we invest into sophisticated encryption and security methods that can help you feel more secure about your valuable data and process information.

When you invest in any of our platforms, whether it be Commercient SYNC, IoT Pulse, or Sync2Pay, we can assure you that you’ll be provided with a safe and secure environment for integrating data.

Myth #3: The Learning Curve Is High

Another myth you might hear is that with integration platforms, the learning curve is high – that’s definitely not true. You don’t need a sophisticated programming background to deploy integration platforms, especially to deploy any of our cloud-based apps at Commercient. If you select the right integration platform, set up should be relatively easy.

With Commercient SYNC, for example, there’s no custom coding or mapping to manage on your end. Just easy-access to customer data when and where you need it. You’ll find that it’s the easiest platform to use to export your CRM data to your ERP system, so no high learning curve there.

Myth #4: They Are Too Expensive

We’ve heard some people believe that integration platforms are expensive for a business – yet another myth. With cloud integration platforms, like Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse, you can scale according to current business requirements, and pay as you go. It means that you only pay for the service or features that are required by your organization.

There is no need to pay for resources you don’t need – pay as you need them. At Commercient our pricing is based per user/per month. Check our pricing page to see just how affordable our integration platforms are.

Myth #5: Integration Projects Tend To Fail

Do all integration projects really fail? Some project do in fact fail, but it’s not a good reason to squash your integration project’s plans. If you check out our Customer Success page, you’ll see that there are many integration projects that have actually succeeded. See what all our customers are saying on our customer success page, and how our integration platforms helped them and start growing your business today.

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