5 Mobile Apps To Enable Your Sales Rep

Everybody relies pretty heavily on their smartphones these days, but for salespeople, their mobile devices are their lifelines. Nowadays, closing deals would be practically impossible without them. Smartphones help salespeople organize meetings and trips, push reminders to send follow-ups, route them through traffic, and dozens of other crucial tasks that replace the briefcases, maps, and card files of your dad’s day.

Because mobile engagement is so big and important today, a pretty big pool of productivity apps has started filling up our App and Play stores. We asked our reps to share some of their favorite mobile apps for this post. Here are five in particular that really stood out:


  1. Tripit. Salespeople travel a lot and that’s one reason why they should consider using Tripit. This application makes traveling so much easier via push notifications with flight updates, driving directions, and it will even monitor fluctuating airline prices. There’s a free and paid version of the app available. Everything mentioned here is available in the free version of Tripit.
  2. Evernote. If you haven’t heard of Evernote yet, you’ve been living under a rock. Evernote is a virtual notebook that allows you to organize notes, photos, ideas, checklists, and anything else you’d put in your notebook, all in the cloud. With all your notes conveniently located in the cloud you never have to worry about forgetting your trusty old college-ruled notepad again.
  3. GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting Mobile makes it simple to join or start meetings, webinars, and classes from anywhere. This is particularly useful when a prospective client requests a demo in say, Australia, and you’re located in the southeastern United States.
  4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is just one of many insanely useful LinkedIn mobile apps you should consider downloading. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is on this list though because it’s an app that makes it easy for sales reps to create highly targeted lists and take part in some crafty networking.
  5. Salesforce Chatter. Chatter has come a long way since it’s debut in 2009. The app is marketed as a communication platform but users soon discover it can be used for so much more. You can update records, monitor discussions, access files, and even create your own custom apps all from within the Salesforce1 platform. This can be an especially useful app for keeping sales teams on-the-go connected. All you need is the smartphone that’s already in your pocket.

All of the apps in this post are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Evernote and GoToMeeting are also available for download on Windows Phones.







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