4 Ways to Use Internet of Things for Marketing Automation

There are many advantages of marketing automation, such as selling 24/7 from your website or being able to complete repetitive tasks without being present. Automating processes has become a “boom” that has created a positive impact in many aspects of business operations, including marketing, sales, accounting, logistics, and more. And Internet of Things (IoT) is occupying more and more space in this field.

Although many people associate IoT with robots, devices, alarms, and others, it also offers specific advantages for companies. For example, IoT helps with marketing and sales automation. There are tools to automate scheduling of social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and even your CRM system. That’s why we’re seeing more tools that combine at least two of these.

How can you use IoT to automate your marketing and some processes related to sales?


Connect Different Tools

It’s not the same to integrate your CRM with an email marketing tool than doing it with your accounting software. Some tools incorporate different functions, like Mailchimp including autoresponders in free accounts, or ActiveCampaign which provides both email marketing and a CRM. However, not many tools can integrate different functions.

IoT Pulse makes this possible. It allows you to sync your ERP / accounting software such as QuickBooks with over 800 apps, including Infusionsoft.

One of the most used and effective tools to manage marketing automation is Infusionsoft, which helps you to create and manage email marketing campaigns, automations, stores information of subscribers, people that have downloaded certain resources, or bought specific products (via CRM). Also, it provides information about how they interact with the content you create and send through emails and sales funnels.  

On the other hand, QuickBooks is used by companies to manage their accounting, client information, paid and pending invoices, reports, revenue, among other data. Can you imagine integrating the information stored in Infusionsoft and QuickBooks, so you don’t have to do that manually? You can with IoT Pulse.


Better Management of Contacts Information

What happens when a person decides to subscribe to your email marketing list? Or when she or he buys a certain product? Even if that person decides not to buy at that time, how do you manage the information to nurture that relationship?

The information provided by a tool like Infusionsoft allows you to work on customized content marketing strategies so you can start building a valuable relationship with that customer, whether that person has purchased one of your products or not.


Fast and Easy Access to Information

On average, a company uses between 5 and 10 systems (software), and are related to manufacturing, logistics, accounting, admin, sales, marketing, and more. Maybe it won’t take more than 2 minutes to enter data in one of those systems, but how long does it take to enter that data in 10 different places? How much time can you or your staff afford to lose in order to keep all the systems updated?

With a solution like IoT Pulse, you’ll avoid phrases like, “I think that info is…”, or “not sure if someone has updated that yet.”


Outstanding Customer Service

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to call a company, and explain the same situation to more than two people. This happens when information is scattered, and it’s difficult for the customer care staff to track information added by the Sales or Accounting Departments, because they’re stored in separate systems. If no one from those departments is available at that time, it’s not possible to answer the customer’s questions.

Fortunately, by integrating the departments’ ERP and CRM systems, there’s no need to chase people around, or take the time opening every single system to find the information you need at that time.

Integration gives you that information in one place, so the customer care staff can track a customer’s interactions since they started purchasing from your company, pending invoices, and much more. That way, the attention you provide is faster, more efficient, and personalized. This will help you to earn points with that customer, and nurture the business relationship.


Do you use Infusionsoft and QuickBooks for your sales, marketing, and accounting departments? Thanks to IoT Pulse you can integrate these and other marketing tools to your ERP, and know what’s happening with your customers in real time.

If you want to learn more about IoT Pulse and this particular integration, or if you use other marketing tools such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, and ERPs like Sage, reach out to us today.