4 Ways To Gain The Trust Of Your Customers

Customers today are more skeptical and more careful than ever before, which means businesses must gain the trust of each of their clients. By earning their trust, you’ll be able to keep your customers for life and further grow your business. You should make it a top priority to gain the trust of every one of your customers. In this blog, we’ll uncover four ways you can do just that.

Get Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Customer testimonials are a great way to earn the trust of your clients. When you share testimonials from genuinely satisfied customers, prospects who are skeptical and hesitant come to believe those testimonies. Good testimonials will not only help you build customer trust and establish credibility, but will also help you increase website conversions.

A 2014 study by invesp found that customers spend 31% more with businesses who have good client testimonials, and a great way to display testimonials is by showcasing them on your website. Want to see how we do it at Commercient? Check out our customer testimonials on the Commercient homepage.

Encourage Online Reviews

Reviews are rare, but they are beneficial because they influence purchasing decisions. For example, a study by Marketing Land shows that 90% of someone’s buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. This is due to prospects wanting to know about the experiences of others before they decide whether or not to invest in your product or service. Through online reviews, these clients can gather information that is relevant to them from like-minded customers, in situations similar to their own.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can encourage reviews and get feedback from your customers. For example, you can gather honest feedback through emails and social media networks, customer interviews, or by setting up profiles on multiple review sites such as LinkedIn and Yelp. When you allow your customers to leave reviews, it can help you increase sales and build brand awareness. Be sure to check out our reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Keep Customers Informed Proactively

Securing customer testimonials and encouraging online reviews is not the only way to gain the trust of your customers. You can also gain their trust by keeping them well informed about what’s going on with your services and products. In this way, they will be more likely to trust you, and you’ll build healthy customer relationships in the end.

Keeping your customers informed about company news, latest offers and even problems plaguing your business (and how you’re solving them) will show your clients that your business is active and it will help them to come to trust you. You can set up social media pages to update them regularly, and also inform them through blogging and sending out emails about your company, like we do for our customers at Commercient.

The more you remind your customers that you are there, the more likely they are to come back to you looking for more. Want to learn more about Commercient, feel free to sign up for our monthly Commercient newsletter, check out our weekly blog, and add us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

Provide Great Customer Service

Earning a customer’s trust starts with delivering great service. And because there is so much competition, you need to offer service your clients can’t find anywhere else. They need to know that you appreciate them.

One of the greatest ways to deliver great service to your customers is to always be available. For instance, if they run into a problem or issue, and then receive prompt, helpful and memorable customer service, they’ll always think of you as a reliable brand. Therefore, it’s important your support team is always available, whether it be through phone, email or live chat.

In fact, if your reps provide support through live chat, research from kissmetrics shows that it can instantly increase your conversion rate. Customers love it when they can seek and get help at any time they choose. If you ever run into any issues or problems with our apps, including Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse, our support reps are always available to speak with you via live chat, phone, or email, whatever is more convenient for you.