4 Tips For Adopting CRM Software Into Your Sales Process

4 Tips For Adopting CRM Software Into Your Sales Process

 It seems like CRM software would just be a given for most organizations nowadays, but adoption of CRM is another story and it seems to get a bad reputation from sales professionals. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear that “it’s an unnecessary layer of complexity,” but it’s not just sales teams who seem to be hesitant. CRM can get sabotaged if management isn’t on board with the adoption either. So what can you do for an organization that’s hesitant to embrace something new?


 Switch The Focus

 One way to overcome resistance is switch the focus off of fear and turn it towards all the good CRM software can do, like make everybody’s life easier. The secret to getting an organization to embrace new CRM software is to keep things simple and keep them from overthinking everything. Start off with real-world results and then worry about multi-tier big data capabilities.


 Get Some Converts

 If convincing everyone that CRM just isn’t happening, focus on getting the support of a few people from a couple different departments in the business. Spend some time showing them how a CRM system can simplify their lives and resolve problems. Try to answer any questions anyone may have and address concerns as quickly as possible.

 Point Out Tasks Everyone Thinks Are A Pain

 And point out the immediate benefits of CRM use in relation to these tasks. A great example of this is proposals and sales quotes. Those tasks take sales teams away from customers and weighs down the support staff. CRM systems paired with a solid ERP system or Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software will yield immediate benefits for everybody and encourage the use of CRM. Commercient promotes a mobile CRM environment outside of the accounting system designed to keep things as simple as possible.

 Expect A Problem

 There’s almost always at least one person who is totally against CRM adoption so do yourself a favor and go ahead and prepare for at least one bump in the road. But integrating your CRM system with your ERP system using an integration app like Commercient SYNC provides major advantages for sales organizations. Better data access and higher sales volumes are just a couple examples of what fully integrated ERP and CRM software can do for you.

 Commercient has an exceptionally high success rate for helping companies adopt CRM into their sales process via integration apps, simplifying the process, and providing sales reps with easy to use drop downs filled with all the information they need to be successful. We can have you up and running in as little as two days.