4 SalesforceIQ Features You Should Know About

In case you’ve been out of the loop for a while, SalesforceIQ is an out-of-the-box CRM solution for small businesses. IQ automatically tracks and analyzes day-to-day business interactions. It can also be used in collaboration with your Gmail account.

SalesforceIQ came about because Salesforce acquired RelateIQ, a CRM tool for small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) that uses relationship intelligence technology to collect data from business phone calls, emails, and meetings. SalesforceIQ is becoming the ultimate time-saving tool for SMBs and there are four features in particular we think you need to know about.

What You Should Know About SalesforceIQ


  • SalesforceIQ paints a picture of your customers. Everybody knows that sales reps have a limited amount of time in the day to sort through lists and groups looking for viable contacts. Now, SalesforceIQ will take care of all that for you.

    By merging all of your best clients activity patterns, the software can give you a detailed picture of your customers. This results in SalesforceIQ knowing exactly where to look to find the information you need.

    If a contact has ever interacted with somebody on your team, SalesforceIQ will tell you how many times they interacted with you and what the interaction entailed. Basically, it’s meant to help you expand your client network efficiently and “intelligently.”
  • SalesforceIQ is mobile-efficient.SalesforceIQ is available on a mobile platform that allows users to wield CRM capabilities no matter where they’re at. Email inboxes get some special attention thanks to IQ’s mobile friendliness too. 

    Users don’t have to switch between screens and apps when they’re on smartphones because SalesforceIQ inbox features tracks every move made during the selling timeline. It’ll even help you send out an email campaign when SalesforceIQ thinks (yes, thinks) it will be most successful.
  • SalesforceIQ can predict the future.Okay, it can’t really predict the future. But it will help you prioritize upcoming opportunities and organize your sales timeline for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

    The software will remind you when a specific client needs a follow-up or alert you to cold leads that could use some reheating. It can also tell you when a client sends an important email that needs an immediate response.

    In short, SalesforceIQ has your back and makes sure that you get all of your most important work done first. This ensures you’re always prepared for new leads and opportunities as they arise.
  • SalesforceIQ eliminates the need for data entry. Yep, you read that right. IQ pulls information directly from inboxes that can be brought up in every email from the client afterwards.

    SalesforceIQ also creates instant reports from the insights it captures from your selling data and it will keep you from double-emailing a client or sending a meeting invite to the wrong person.

    Scheduling is also a breeze. You can handle all your scheduling straight from your inbox or from the mobile app. SalesforceIQ just makes life a lot easier.

SMBs can revolutionize the way they use CRM by taking advantage of all the awesome features SalesforceIQ has to offer.