4 Reasons Why Your Salespeople May Not Love Your CRM System

If you’ve already implemented a CRM system for your business, and you’re wondering why your CRM adoption rate is low, it may be because your salespeople dislike it. In this blog, we’ll uncover four reasons why your salespeople may not love your current CRM system.

It Doesn’t Integrate Well

One of the biggest reasons why your salespeople may not love your CRM is that it doesn’t integrate well with the tools they are currently using. Simply put, if your CRM does not integrate with the tools and platforms your team uses every day, your salespeople will be stuck having to switch between different apps and tools to see the full picture. This can be frustrating, time consuming, and can increase the odds of making a mistake.

The point of a CRM is to streamline your contact and data management, and you should make sure that you pick a CRM that integrates with your existing sales’ tools, including your ERP system, marketing automation system, project management system, and so on. You can integrate your CRM and ERP using Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration app for business. And, if you want to integrate your CRM with your ERP and existing apps, such as email marketing, timecard, and more, you can leverage our IoT Pulse app.

It’s Time-Consuming

Another reason why your salespeople may not love your current CRM system is that they may feel it’s time-consuming. CRM should help save time and resources, but if it takes more than a few clicks for your salespeople to enter a new contact, it will be a time-waster rather than a time-saver, especially if it requires too much data entry and doesn’t auto-update.

A good CRM system will automatically update customer information in real-time and that won’t require sales reps to manually enter ridiculous amounts of data. And the good news is that systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho CRM will integrate well with your ERP using our Commercient SYNC data integration app.

It’s Difficult To Use

Unfortunately, there are some systems that are too rich in features, and are just plain hard to use. This is one reason why your salespeople may dislike your current CRM system. If the onboarding process is too difficult, and proper training is not provided by the CRM vendor, updating the system may feel like a continual nightmare for your salespeople.

Your sales reps want to sell, and the best way you can facilitate that is by deploying a CRM system that is user-friendly and easy-to-use.

It’s Not Customizable

Does your CRM offer some degree of customization? If not, this may be one of the reasons why your salespeople are not excited about using your CRM system. Customization allows you to ensure the CRM works exactly how you need it to. However, if setting up custom fields and steps is too difficult, then the CRM will be a source of delays, frustration, and confusion for your salespeople.

If you’d like to integrate your CRM with your ERP system, and all your other existing tools, visit our Commercient SYNC and IoT Pulse pages, and contact us today!