4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Magento eCommerce Platform and ERP System

Do you know all the benefits you can reap by integrating your Magento eCommerce platform into your ERP system? Not only can you enhance the digital shopping experience for your customers, but you can also boost your revenue; the list goes on. In this blog, we’ll uncover four reasons why we recommend integrating your Magento eCommerce platform into your ERP system.

Reason #1: Less Manual Processes.

Are you tired of all the manual processes? The good news is that integrating your ERP with Magento helps you automate business processes. It also ensures your e-commerce runs seamlessly while improving the communication between your sales teams and back-office functions. You’ll be able to minimize the manual entry of orders, inventory, products, and customer and shipping data, and increase productivity. All of our customers are able to experience this with our SYNC ERP for Magento apps, and you can too!

Reason #2: Reduction In Costs.

We are sure that you want to reduce costs, and so you’ll be pleased to learn that by integrating your ERP system with Magento, you can achieve that goal. You’ll be able to cut inventory costs as sales updates to one system are reflected automatically throughout. So as soon as a customer places an order, updates are reflected in accounting, invoicing, shipping, and more. In this way, you will be able to keep better track of your stock, which allows you to keep what you need on hand, and automatically order more when needed.

Reason #3: Happier Customers.

In addition to reducing costs, integrating Magento with your ERP system will also enhance the digital shopping experience for your customers, and create happier clientele. For example, with our SYNC for Sage and Magento app, the customers from your accounting software will be able to log in to a synced Magento shopping cart and place their individual orders. They’ll have the ability to pick and choose which products to add to their cart, search by product category, and have products shipped to their chosen default address. By syncing Magento to your ERP, your customers will also receive updates of their purchases like order processing, shipping details, date of delivery, and more, which will keep them satisfied with your service. You’ll also have access to product information that’s up to date, exact availability of your inventory, order tracking, and so much more, all of which will help you to improve customer service.

Reason #4 Less Errors.

When you integrate Magento with your ERP system, customer details, along with order, payment, and shipping information, will all be fully integrated into the system. Additionally, inventory details can be uploaded directly from your ERP to your e-commerce portal, which completely eliminates the need to re-enter the data. You will reduce the amount of time spent on manual entry, and increase throughput when entering order, inventory, item, customer and shipping data, all while reducing errors.

Want to see more benefits that you can reap integrating your ERP with Magento? Check out our SYNC ERP’s to Magento apps page for a list of all the ERP products we sync with Magento. You can also contact us if you have further questions, or want to get started today.